Up In Your Business Radio Show

Kerry on Little Rock Police Chief Kenton Buckner

I recently had Little Rock’s Police Chief Kenton Buckner on my radio show, Up In Your Business, and this huge man that takes up the entire doorway when he walks through it, is serious about his work.
Showing zero emotion on his face, which is perfect for poker, is necessary in his line of work and for an hour, I had the pleasure of interviewing him on several controversial topics that are effecting Little Rock these days.
We spoke of gun control, parenting our youth, crime prevention, homelessness, overcrowding in jails, challenges of courts and convictions, lack of witness participation, medical marijuana, profiling, “Black Lives Matter”, PTSD in our law enforcement officers and the media’s mentaility, “if it bleeds, it leads”.
Every question was a presentation from both sides and in his well thought answers, Chief Buckner based his conclusions on the law and the set of tools it provides.
At the end of the interview, Buckner said “wisdom is being able to see all sides of an issue. The wiser you are, the broader your view of life becomes.” I’ve know lots of smart people, much smarter than me, but smart doesn’t always equate to wise. Buckner was wise with his intelligent answers to my questions and he is serious about his dedication to Little Rock.
For an hour, I had the pleasure of his presence on my show and near the end we spoke about Kentucky basketball. Him being a graduate of Eastern Kentucky, just outside of Lexington, he smiled and said “football is just a warm-up to basketball in Kentucky.” For a man in such an important position in this city whose decisions effectd all of us and often times have life or death consequences, he affords himself the pleasure of talking about his home state.
Little Rock is lucky to have such an outstanding official.