Up In Your Business Radio Show

Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing | Back 2 business with radio show

I began Up In Your Business radio show and writing a blog as a way of encouraging and sharing knowledge with other risk takers. What I didn’t expect is how much I would learn from these experiences.

Over the last few weeks, in an effort to improve the radio show, we have moved the guest interviews to different recording sites. Last Wednesday, Roy Dudley, founder of Roy Dudley Estates Sales, agreed to be the first pre-recorded interview in the Dreamland Ballroom. My staff had a good time designing the set, and Roy was a great story teller and interviewee.

But alas, after several weeks of multiple settings and trial runs, it just didn’t feel right. My videographer and friend of the show, Roger Robinson, offered some pearls of wisdom. When relaying to him how these new additions didn’t feel true, he said, “You need to keep the main thing, the main thing. Are you a radio show, a podcast, or a video?” Boom! I’m a LIVE radio show.

This week, we’ll be back at KABF radio station. Though the window unit in our studio is loud and you can hear it roaring in the background audio of our show, it is still the best fit for what I now know is the best fit for me: our Live radio show. We’ll keep editing the interviews into podcasts to share, and we’ll keep doing Facebook Live, but I am at peace now knowing what the “main thing” is. And in keeping with the true spirit of the show and blog, I’m sharing what I’ve learned. Whew, that was an exhausting lesson.

I think this blog post is the conclusion to my last few. At least I hope so!