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Just When You Think It’s All Over

Get out of your head and listen to your heart.

Just when you think it is all over, you get a little sign from the universe telling you, “What you do matters.” That is what happened to me last week.

In this time of isolation, it is harder to get out of one’s head. I don’t know about you, but every time I am feeling a little puny and having a hard time getting motivated, I get in my head and think, “What is wrong with me. I am a fake. My life is too hard,” etc. Tuesday I was in this foggy head game. Not really sick, but not really well, either. I languished through both Tuesday and Wednesday, going through the motions of life and trying to remember my daughter’s mantra, “Don’t stop ‘til the miracle happens.”

After visiting with another fellow entrepreneur, Val Hansen of Val Hansen ReMax Properties, during Wednesday evening’s Up In Your Business (UIYB) radio show I felt much better and thought, “Good. The ‘miracle’ has finally happened.”

How Val Got on the Show

A few months back, Val and I ran into each other on a sidewalk in our neighborhood and I invited him to come on the show. During the next few weeks’ scheduling process, Val asked about advertising opportunities on UIYB. I told him I had yet to pursue any sponsors, but thought it was a good idea and would think about it. Since almost everything I do has my name and face on it, co-op advertising must be with someone I feel synergy. Being the internet pioneer that I am, I can’t just let any ol’ person hitch their wagon to my years of hard work.

After the episode with Val aired, my ‘after show high’ waned and the blues tried to creep back in. I continued to repeat my daughter’s mantra. That’s when another so-called miracle happened. The phone rang. It was Val and he said, “Sit down. You are going to love this.” And he was right.

And the Story Goes…

While listening to Val and my broadcast, a man said he felt compelled to call Val and ask him for a loan of $20,000 for a 40-acre plot in Greer’s Ferry. This man had been paying on this land for years and was going to lose it in the next 2 weeks if he didn’t get caught up on his payments. (I thought the same thing you are thinking right now, “Oh Val, don’t do it. It’s a scam!”)

Well, Val wasn’t born yesterday and, of course, did not lend the man money. Instead, he gave the man his real estate banker’s phone number and contact information. The next afternoon, Val got another call from the same man. He was very emotional, gleeful, and, nearly in tears, as he told Val how the banker was going to refinance his property and loan him the money.

There is more to Life than meets the eyes

The man had been a teacher for years at Joe T. Robinson and lived in Conway, Arkansas. He told Val that a year ago he lost one of his best friends and confidants. On the evening that Val was on UIYB, the man was just driving around his hometown, thinking poorly, when he decided to pull into the parking lot of his late friend’s barber shop. It was a place he had visited for years. A place where he had spun stories with friends and shared advice. As he sat in the parking lot looking at the closed store front, he mindlessly fiddled with the radio and landed on 101.1 FM. He heard the name Hansen and thought, “I know some Hansen’s. Wonder if it is the same ones?” As he listened to Val’s story, his mood changed. He saw opportunity, where there had been despair, and somewhere deep inside he was being moved to call Val in the morning, which he did. And the miracle happened for him.

Here’s Your Sign!

Just when you think it is all over, you get a little sign from the universe telling you whatever it is you need to hear at that time. My sign is: I think Val and I could do some good work together.