Up In Your Business Radio Show

The Saga Continues | Our radio show’s big move

My eternally optimistic self was greatly disappointed last Friday. To understand why, you need to have read my July 5, 2018 blog where I lament the breakdown of my radio program at KABF and express my excitement of moving the radio show to a new and, what I thought to be, more professional studio across the hall.

It is hard not to be disappointed in humans. We are a flawed species. Repeatedly, I say to new employees, “I may be your teacher, but this is not school and you can’t slide by with a ‘C.’ To be successful at FlagandBanner.com, you must make an ‘A’, because you matter.” I explain, “Think of yourself as a building block. What you do supports what the next person in the company does. We build off of each other’s work to produce an outcome we’re all proud of.”

Knowing my expectations helps you understand my frustration last Friday. The new anticipated KABF studio gave little in the way of support for my show, Up In Your Business. Early in the week, I sent over a copy of the Intro and Outro Script and asked the technician to read over them and listen to a previous podcast of the show so he would know how things flow. That technician, who two weeks before proudly boasted about his professionalism, was unprepared.

If you’re a seeker of self, like me, you know that anger (like crying) is a secondary emotion. It comes after being hurt, abused or in this case, disappointed. After yet another show, I found myself wanting for more and once again disappointed in a ‘C’ student performance. Disappointment followed its usual course to anger. When finally, alone I wanted to cry. After all, I am a girl!

I struggled with doubt over the weekend, wondering if I was doing the right thing. The radio show feels right in so many ways…so why is it so hard to find a good support staff that will produce a good product? What am I doing wrong?

Contemplating this, I remembered another blog I’d written from October 2017 titled “A Brave new Beginning”. After reading it, I felt better. Then, I had an epiphany.

This story is EXACTLY why I started the radio show in the first place. It was to encourage burgeoning entrepreneurs. My staff repeatedly tells me I have something to say that is helpful to others. In an interview I saw with Chris Rock, he said (and I am paraphrasing) the main reason for his success is longevity in the industry. When his peers quit the road to get married and start a family, he didn’t.
Artists are the epitome of entrepreneurship and we are a crazy lot! The naïve, hardworking Dreamers, Doers and Risk Takers need each other’s encouragement and shared wisdom.

I guess I’m just crazy enough not to quit. I will write in my blog with new fervor, knowing that this Up In Your Business saga (which is the universal struggle of all startups) is comforting to other risk takers and doers. And that it takes time and work. I’m going to keep working and await the arrival of an ‘A’ student who, I know in my optimistic heart, is coming.

To be continued…