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Flag Day Fatigue | Forces New Beginning At Radio Show

Last Thursday was FLAG DAY. Thank you President Woodrow Wilson!

For the last decade on Flag Day, I have joined local celebrity DJ Bob Robbins on the radio to hand out flags. Each year, we set up a tent on the asphalt parking lot and try to stay cool as we can while we visit and spread the patriotic love with passersby. This year, when the day was done, I was especially spent and wondered why.

Exhausted, I went to bed early. I awoke to the clarity that comes with early morning and realized my fatigue wasn’t from the excitement of the previous day or the hours spent in the June heat. It was what had happened two days before that had been lingering in the back of my mind.

My co-host on my radio show, Up In Your Business and co-worker at FlagandBanner.com quit abruptly on Tuesday, citing anger issues. In two ways, this was unsettling, but in two different ways it was impelling. (Yes, I’m a Libra).

Upsetting the Apple Cart

Because we are three weeks before the 4th of July (our busy season), and we need all the help we can get, losing a coworker during this time of year is burdensome to everyone that works at FlagandBanner.com. Also, this happened three days before my live radio show and I had to find another co-host.

A New Beginning

So what is good about all this, you may ask. First, I don’t have to fire an angry employee. And secondly, I’ve taken this opportunity to really define both jobs and hire accordingly resulting in a new and improved co-worker at FlagandBanner.com and co-host for Up In Your Business with Kerry McCoy.

One of the things I have learned from my radio show is that I, like all entrepreneurs, have faith, lots of faith, and believe that with each set back comes a spring forward. (Sometimes a catapult!)

Looking back I realize my angst last week did not come from the heat on Flag Day, or the loss of an employee. Instead it came from an intuitive feeling, a realization that FlagandBanner.com and Up In Your Business are about to spring forward into exciting, new and unchartered waters. And again, like all entrepreneurs, I’m a little scared and a lot excited.

It’s about to get REAL.