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An Open Letter to Charlie Rose

What is the world to do without Charlie Rose’s interviews? I feel like I have lost a life line. He is one of the few truly intelligent and informative reporters we have on TV today. He is not trying to pander to audiences. He was a master at conducting interesting, compelling interviews that actually respected the intelligence of his audience.

Just before these sexual harassment allegations came out, I watched what I guess will be his last interview, and actually thought, “Boy he is getting old. Who will America have to learn from when he retires?” Boom…the next day he was off the air for something I never could have foreseen: a sexual harassment allegation. His networks CBS and PBS quickly dropped him from the roster.

Since that day I have been sending emails to Charlie, to an email address I found online. This is what I said.

Dear Charlie,

Maybe fate is calling you to a new venture. Teaching what you know about this industry is a great way to pay it forward.

Now that you’re off the air, I’ve spent the last week pondering, who will be my teacher of current events and how-to interviews? In 1975, at the age of 20, I started my company, Arkansas Flag and Banner (aka FlagandBanner.com) with my savings of $400. Today, I publish Brave Magazine, a bi-annual publication and host a weekly radio show Up In Your Business with Kerry McCoy. Though the radio show began as a mentoring platform for entrepreneurs and want-to-be entrepreneurs, it has morphed into a program about people of all ilk’s, much like your show. I’ve always watched your broadcasts because you are the best interviewer, ever, have diverse guests and it is always interesting. In the past year, I watch with new eyes because you have become my mentor and educator. Your TV show is much like my radio show, in that, it is a conversation of storytelling through which my listeners (and me) learn something.

Call me crazy, but I had an over-zealous thought come to me, “Why can’t you still be my mentor?” Just because you’re off the air, doesn’t mean you cannot tutor me. (How? I am not sure, but it is the 21st century and can be figured out). I am not sure if I have any talent, but you would know. Here is a link to my Facebook Live show . It is public radio, it is raw, my team is amateur, but I think there’s enough footage for you to see if you think I am worthy of your time. If you would like a broader sample, here is the list of all my podcasts. I have zero training but think I’ve been a quick study. I was lucky enough to have General Wesley Clark, Senator French Hill and other local movers and shakers. My interviews today are much better than when I started a year ago, and my show’s format has finally worked itself out.

I will be in New York, November 30 and December 1, 2nd. I would absolutely love to meet you and get your feedback about the industry that is your forte.


Kerry McCoy

At present, I am still expecting to hear back from Mr. Rose. I have never been a quitter and I believe in dreaming big!