Golden New Year

At Flag and Banner we are bringing in the new year in a bold new way.  Our 80 foot flagpole is donned with a shiny 15 x 25 foot gold lame flag. It is B-utiful!!  This unique flag is so light weight that it flies even in the slightest breeze. In the day it reflects the sunlight and at night it shimmers from the light emitted by the city.

I wish I could take credit for such a unique flag idea but, alas, on a recent trip to New York City’s Rockefeller Center, I noticed that on the flagpoles surrounding the Plaza there were alternating silver and gold lame flags. (What did you think a flag seller would notice… The lighting of the tree?  LOL)

The gold flag at our place is so striking that passers by will stop in just to ask “What’s the significance of the gold flag?” To which I reply:  Beauty, simply Beauty.

We’ll be enjoying the B-utiful flag the entire month of January. From Flag and Banner we are wishing you A HAPPY SHINY NEW YEAR, full of beautiful love, peace, and growth. Run that up the pole!!!