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Rooting for the Miami Heat

The Dallas Cowboys football team is about as close to a pro sports team as Arkansas gets. We Arkansans relate to them because their current owner, Jerry Jones, and their former coach, Jimmy Johnson, both harken from Arkansas. And their alma mater, the U of A, is a feeder school for the team’s new recruits.

Now that I spend a fourth of my time in Miami, I have found another pro team to watch. Miami has every kind of professional sport you can think of. They even have ice hockey! (I would hate to see their electric bill.) Earlier in the week, I watched Miami FC soccer (we won) and later in the week I found myself at my favorite sports bar watching the NBA playoffs between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics.

I rooted especially hard for the Heat because they are a customer of our Miami store. If they win, we get to make their championship banner. Go Heat!