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Sports: The Great Unifier

Arkansas doesn’t have a pro team, but it feels like we do. The University of Arkansas Razorbacks are our state’s passion. In sports bars and restaurants, alike, fans show support by unabashedly “calling the Hogs” and then high fiving each other in solidarity.

At stoic social events, talking about last week’s Razorback game or a new head coach is a great ice breaker and a safe subject for discussion. And it is not unusual to walk by Grady’s desk in the sales office and hear him talking with a customer from another state about last week’s SEC game, or one in the Big 10, or Pack 12. Sometimes, I think sports knowledge should be a pre-requisite for any sales position.

What to Do When You’re Away from Home

Though Grady quit drinking five or so years ago, he still enjoys eating out and going to sports bars. Last week, while visiting our Miami flag store, Hog basketball was televised on one of ESPN’s subchannels. It is nice that ESPN provides so many game watching options, but I’m a little irked with all the weird ESPN subscription fees. Anyway, we rode our bikes down to Nick’s Sports Bar on Hollywood Beach’s Broadwalk, found a table, and had the manager turn the nearest TV to our revered Razorback’s game against Charlotte.

For two hours, we had fun. We felt connected to our home base, I drank one drink too many, and Grady tipped big. The next day, we read about and relived our state’s beloved college sports game in Arkansas’ Dem-Gaz electronic paper and felt unified.

It’s good to be a Razorback.