Fun with Flags | FlagandBanner Donates New Flag to Frying Pan Tower

Fun with Flags is an episode on The Big Bang Theory sitcom and also what the whole country was having last week as we watched a live cam of the US flag flapping wildly out in the Atlantic Ocean, at the retired coast guard “Frying Pan Tower”. 

Early Thursday morning my daughter, Meghan, calls all agog and says, “They just mentioned us on TV”! She continues, “I’m watching a CNN news report and they were showing a video of a flag whipping in the wind off the North Carolina’s coast as Hurricane Florence approaches and the guy says the flag was provided by the ‘good people at’!

This all came to be, when a few weeks back, husband Grady, picks up a sales call from a man named Richard Neal who 8 years ago, in 2010, bought a decommissioned, old, coast guard light station, 30 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean, called the Frying Pan Tower. Built in the 1960’s, before the internet, before GPS, it was a navigational tool for water crafts. Due to advances in technology the Corp no longer uses it and thus, puts it up for auction. Neal having been the only bidder was awarded the Tower and for a short time  operated as a bed and breakfast for the adventurous.

Flagpole expert, Grady and eccentric, Neal became fast phone friends and worked together on repairing and improving the Frying Pan’s flagpole display.

The juxtaposition of Uncle Sam’s flag coupled with Mother Nature’s fury makes the video mesmerizing and created a twitter storm @fptower. Since I like kids, I especially liked what this viewer posted:  “My 3rd-grade students were in awe today and asked several times to check on the flag. If I had not needed my computer, we would have watched all day”

Update: Saturday morning, after Florence had made land fall, I checked the Frying Pan’s video feed. It appears the adventurous owner, Richard Neal, is continuing to have fun with his flag. Only one day after Florence made land fall, he rode out to the tower and replaced the shredded US flag for a fresh one for us all to watch respectfully.

The response to being mentioned on CNN and Fox & Friends Weekend have been amazing. Here are a few of the nice comments we have received.

“We need to replace our flag and this company has a good rep. and is donating flags to the Frying Pan Shoals lighthouse that was featured during Hurricane Florence.” ~ Mike H.

“Heard the story about Frying Pan Tower in NC and that was what made me purchase my flag with your company. Support USA” ~ Lynne S., New York

Thank you for supporting Frying Pan Tower with new American flags MADE IN AMERICA! ~ Chat Site Visitor, NC

Thank you and God Bless you for the services and products offered by your company ~ Monique S. ~ California

I understand you donated a flag to NC.  You folks are a part of my America.  Thank you from PA. ~ Chat Site Visitor, PA

I just wanted to thank you for replacing the flag damaged by hurricane Florence! Kimberly in Austin, TX ~ Chat Site Visitor, TX

Thank you for replacing the USA FLAG!!!! It broke my heart to see it being ripped apart yesterday during the storm. To think the gentleman received angry phone calls from veterans, “saying he was being disrespectful” because he was not up in the middle of the storm replacing it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? My husband is a veteran and has served in every war since Vietnam. I am not a veteran, but have supported him throughout his career in support of our great USA!!! He continues to work for the Federal Government helping veterans. Please see ignorant people for what they are and continue your wonderful work. I would like to sincerely apologize for their STUPIDITY. ~ Jayne E., FL

Props to on CNN this morning from Frying Pan Tower in the middle of Hurricane Florence ~ Brannon S, AR

Thank you I am proud of our Flag. I served over 20 years in the US Army with pride for my flag and for everything it represents. ~ Nelson T

Thank you, Flag and Banner ~ Debbie G.

This is awesome!! Thank you ~ Linda G.

Thanks flag and banner!! Class act. ~ Dodger C.

Thank you for being a Patriot. Thank you for your service. And thank you for replacing the flag on the Frying pan. God Bless You and God Bless America. ~ Betty L.

Awesome images of Old Glory on Frying Pan Shoals Tower during Florence. We hear they’ll fly a new one of your flags out there next week. We will definitely get our next flag from you all! ~ Carlo N.

I heard you guys are replacing the flag that got beat up by the hurricane on the Frying Pan Tower off Cape Fear,NC .Thanks for doing that . Being made in one of my favorite states ,lots of great people in Arkansas. ~ MJ O.

THANK YOU for supplying new flags to Frying Pan Tower after Hurricane Florence!! ~ Sondra G.