Faking it ’til you make it | Worker bees have no time to feel sick

Worker bees have no time for feeling sick. A few years back, in an effort to circumvent some germs, I began getting flu shots and recently opted for the Shingles vaccine. But what do you do about the common cold? You don’t feel sick enough to stay home, but everything is drudgery–even dressing. 

I don’t know about everyone else, but when the mild ague of a cold is upon me, I feel confused. This confusion makes me question my self-worth and talk to myself disparagingly. With each step, I feel like a fraud as I plod through the day. I even entertain the thought that ‘it is not the head cold at all, but a new me.’ Wondering is this the new norm and do others feel this way all the time, I begin to have empathy for the sick.

Looking back over last week’s accomplishments I realize my thoughts were highly erroneous. I had no idea I accomplished so much: I still conducted meetings (maybe not with an A+ but I showed up).  Never missed work (but I did lay on the couch a few times). I gave a speech to the Lions Club, ushered an extra event at church, baby sat my grandchildren and hosted my usual Friday radio show Up In Your Business with Kerry McCoy.

On top of all that, Thursday, the Marketing Department scheduled a photo shoot for me in front of a green screen with a grueling five costume change. When looking at the pictures, I’m reminded of the struggle and sweat it took to make those sessions look joyful.

Now, feeling like my old self again and looking at those pictures, it seems like a life time ago and its only been a week. The bubble of the head cold has dissipated and my thoughts are succinct again. I now realize when sick worker bees (like myself, and probably you) are unable to rest on their loins, they need to give themselves a pep talk.  And remember it shall pass, and know that you sometimes just have to fake it till you make it.