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Big Changes on Flag and Banner’s First Floor

I sit outside all the time. I took note a few weeks ago when, for a brief moment, right at dusk, I felt an ever so slight wisp of cool air brush across my skin. This is when I began to take notice of the trees and saw they were feeling it, too.

With the recent purchase of our new company in Florida, I pondered what their seasons are like, or even if tropical paradise even has seasons.

Seasons of Change

This Fall, the faces of FAB will look a lot different. Many of the young adults who have worked their summer jobs at FAB are moving on to further their careers or love life. I can’t remember a time when there were so many new faces on the first floor of our Taborian Hall building.   The basketball phrase “wholesale substitution” came to mind when making out this week’s work schedule.

For the past month, I posted jobs on, rifled through a mound of resumes, and held group interviews on Saturdays. On such occasions, I listened, learned, and fell back on my list of hiring questions and tips. In the last group interview, the group of candidates got along so well that I wanted to start a new department just so they could work together. The winds of change are among us. I am looking forward to getting to know this whole new FAB team.