Girls’ Night Croquet with Our Flag Overhead

This week’s Girls’ Night Out (GNO) was at my house. Being the hostess of the evening, I get to loosely plan the menu and setting. Because COVID is on the rise, we, as a group, chose to be mindful of each other’s family health concerns by communing outside. And because I love games (remember the adult easter egg hunt?), at this GNO, we played croquet under our big American flag.

First, my husband made a playing field by mowing low a grassy area, then I invited my daughter, Meghan, over to be the rule aficionado and referee.  Some of us were okay at hitting the ball and some of us … not so much. But, no matter our skill level, we still played with focus, shouted after a disappointing shot, and cursed our rival, when she knocked our ball out of line.

As the sunlight began to fade and the food got ready, Meghan helped move the game along with some “friendly cheating.”

By games end, it was made whole when Gail, maybe the slowest player of the game, came from behind and aced a hole-in-one from 15 feet for the win.

There was uproarious laughter, and we took this pic.

Ain’t it good to be born in America?