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Is “Bannerisms” a Bad Blog Name?

Most people probably do not realize this, even those that read my blog regularly, but the official name of my blog is Bannerisms and its official web address is  What a weird, made-up name. What does that even mean? And why did I let someone talk me into that name?

When possible, I try to say yes to most things. I have even written blogs about the power of yes and promising that, if you practice the “yes” lifestyle, your life will become fuller and happier. But the downside to this methodology is that sometimes you say yes to things that you should not. Though these occurrences are few and far between, and usually do not have a long-lasting effect, agreeing to naming my blog Bannerisms is not a minor occurrence. Although it is not the end of the world, it does have long lasting effects–because changing it would mean losing decades of historical data.

Avoiding Weird Names

One of my pet peeves is people naming their startup businesses cutesy names, made-up names, or changing the spelling of a name or word so it is impossible to search for on the internet. Like “Krispy Kreme.” Do they not know how to spell?

Adopting the blog name Bannerisms broke one of my naming rules because it’s made-up. When you Google the definition for “bannerism” you get “mannerism.” But you also get a link to a politico blogger and a drapery store. So now I am thinking maybe it is not such a bad name after all. I mean, if other people are wanting to use it, maybe I am on to something? A new, urban vocab (now I am just showing off).

Since naming my blog Bannerisms in 2004, I have heard other stories of people and bands getting recognition under a name they did not like. Of course, we all know Prince changed his name to The Artist because of copyright legalities, and Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali for religious reasons- or maybe to avoid the draft, which he did not. And then there is the story of the band Matchbox 20 who got their name by combining two words they saw on a stranger’s softball shirt at the bar where the drummer, Doucette, was waiting tables. Hmmm … wonder what they were smoking?

The Evolution of This Blog

Anyway, is the name I am married to. It has years of history, legacy and web authority that could surely be lost if I start messing around and choose another domain name.

In writing this blog post, I went back to one of my very first posts in 2004 (when I only blogged once a month) titled “The Secret Life of Flags and Banners.”  While reading that post, I thought that the name Bannerisms was clever, and I could see why it was chosen. Back then, our thought process was that my writings would be all about flags. But there is only so much to be said about the business of flags, unless you’re a vexillologist, which I am not. As with all things that live long enough, my blog has evolved. It is now weekly, my writing skills have improved immensely thanks to my editor, Madison Monroe, and today a more apt name for it should be Kerry McCoy’s Blog or Kerry McCoy’s Life, because that is what I write about. They say you should always write about what you know and, after 40+ years in business and 40+ years in parenting, I know a few things. And I know I am stuck with the name for the rest of my life.

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