The Secret Life of Flags and Banners

After more than 20 years designing and producing flags and banners, it’s not surprising that it has become our life. But what IS surprising— REALLY surprising— is that we’ve learned that flags and banners have a life, too. No, seriously— we’ve seen it.

Every flag and banner has a personality. Whether they exclaim, identify, inform or just hang around looking beautiful, they like to communicate their personalities to each other.

When they are outdoors, waving is the way they “talk.” You’ll often see an “informer” waving to an “identifier,” or trying to get the attention of a “looker.” It may seem random to most people, but every ripple, curl, fold or snap means something to another flag or banner. Even when they are hanging alone, they still send out messages to hopefully attract a partner, or at least someone to talk to. (Well, sometimes they are just talking to themselves, but if you ask us, that’s a call for attention, too.) And it’s not just the wind. Wind to them is like air to us. They need a good supply to feel really alive, but it’s not what controls them.

Flags and banners also communicate indoors, but it’s much more subtle. There are always micro-currents of air that fuel their lives and communications even if humans can’t see them. (You know how dogs can hear and smell things we can’t? It’s the exact same thing.) Want to see something really sad? Hang a flag or banner in a perfect vacuum. Now THAT’s sad. On second thought, please don’t do it.

Anyway, that’s how flags and banners express themselves. What they say will be the subject of future information in this space. (Hint: They love gossip as much as we do.) So please check back every once in a while. And if you have any of your own observations about the lives of flags and banners, please e-mail us and let us know. The more we understand all the flags of this earth— they happier we all will be.

Waving “bye” for now.