Why I Decided to Sell – and Then Not Sell – The Confederate Battle Flag

Since I founded, people have always sent me letters – and now emails – asking me to stop selling all kinds of flags. In 2003, when France declined to join America in the invasion of Iraq, I received letters to stop selling the French flag. Since the adoption of the rainbow flag by the LGBTQ community, I have received hate letters about selling it. For some, it is a symbol of love while others believe it symbolizes sin against God.

As for us who sell flags and talk with our customers and hear all their stories, we know that we supply an emotionally charged product. American flags flank graves and caskets, sports flags show allegiances, and state flags create solidarity. Rarely a night goes by on TV without a news story showing incited riots with flags waving.

So, in 2015, after the South Carolina church shooting, when all the media attention turned from gun control to flag waving, I took my usual stance of no censorship in the flag business, quoting Abraham Lincoln: “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all of the time.”  

As I said in a press conference on the front sidewalk of the building, freedom of speech is what makes America great, which includes waving the flag of your choice. And, frankly, I just figured it would blow over soon. I was wrong.

This year, three things happened that caused me to revisit my earlier decision. Last month, in Saskatchewan, Canada, a local homeowner hoisted a Nazi and a Confederate battle flag on his home TV tower, igniting racial tension among the Pasqua First Nation tribe. What?! Historically, the Confederate battle flag had nothing to do with the Nazi’s. Now, it was being equated to a symbol used to incite genocide. I was taken aback. And it’s still happening.

On another news story, a woman west of Little Rock, Arkansas proudly displayed the Confederate battle flag from her front yard and, on a tree in her yard, hung a mannequin of a black person by its neck. What?! Are we going backwards in our culture and understanding of the consequences for this kind of behavior?

And lastly, this past year our dreams were met with a $499,000 gift from the National Park Service Civil Rights Grant program to restore the historically significant, African-American meeting hall on the third story of my building: The Dreamland Ballroom. In 2009, I founded a non-profit, the Friends of Dreamland Ballroom, to restore this space to its former glory. Our vision has always been to bring people together and make it a safe place for everyone. The juxtaposition of trying to create a safe place on the third floor of my building and of selling what has become a hate symbol on the first floor of my building has made me reevaluate my 2015 decision.

I am a Southern Woman and in no way do I want to forget or dishonor our young men and families that gave so much, so long ago. Let me be clear, we still sell flags of the Civil War. The official flag of the Confederacy, Stars and Bars, is still available along with the Bonnie Blue. Those servicemen may have fought and died for decisions made in error but their duty and honor was never in doubt. I want to believe our nation is more educated and wiser and through remembrance of our ancestors history, we will learn as a nation. My decision is not about the history and heritage of the Rebel flag, but rather about how the flag is being used today.

And so, on Saturday, June 15th, in celebration of Juneteenth, will be aligning its policies with the Friends of Dreamland Ballroom by honoring their motto to make Taborian Hall a safe place for everyone and will no longer sell the Confederate Battle Flag.


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    Well there you go I will no longer do business with you at any cost! As veteran myself I will look elsewhere for my Is and CS flags… hope your business folds

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      Bernie Cyrus Reply

      I’m glad you are still selling the Bonnie Blue , but please consider the Stars n Bars which hasn’t been hijacked and is the original official flag of the War Between the States ( It wasn’t a “Civil War” ). As far as black music history, contrary to popular belief as a musician and two decade music official for Louisiana, and author I can easily make the case many Blacks supported th Confederate defense of their homeland both free and not. My African American Grandfather fought for the Union as did several other of my ancestors, however while I respect and treasure their sacrifices I do not subscribe to the overshadowed real issues or Union invasion of imperialism and tyranny to ” collect duties” as Lincoln’s first inaugural speech proclaimed. Even after Lincoln sought to enshrine slavery with his support of the original 13th ( anthesis of the latter) one month before the war, Southern people still sought to exercise their constitutional right to secede and proclaim an independent and sovereign country by sovereign states that volunteered to join. Uniting with certain provisions well documented in Virginia and others understood to include through ratification of said compact . So I proudly talk on my radio show everyday of our great about southern culture heritage black and white as I point out the hypocrisy the North who were completely compllicit in the evils of the transatlantic Slave trade. Futhermore , that the so called false abolitionist morality inaccurately attributed to Abraham Lincoln and his minions of war. The Union never at the outset of the conflict made the Official Declaration of War to end slavery until they were losing years later. Thousands of soldiers on both sides then deserted ! Quotes from Lincoln: debating Douglas in 1858, Lincoln declared the following: “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races.”

      In his 1858 debate with Sen. Steven Douglas, Lincoln maintained, “And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”
      Bernie Cyrus
      WGSO Radio 990 am
      New Orl eans Author
      Rethinkin ‘ Lincoln

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        Bernie, Yes we still sell the Stars and Bars. I should add that to the blog. thank you for the reminder

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        Bernie …

        Interesting. I’ve won many bets based on the “Big Lie” that “Slavery was the cause of the War Between The States”. To prove me wrong they must back everything up with documentation that you can only obtain from the National Archives. No textbooks written by Joe Blow or anything like that.

        I’ve never lost the bet and educated a few people in the process. They were surprised to learn that not only was Lincoln not a nice man, but had ‘verbally’ stated he was in favor of slavery. Paired with the fact he had no intention or thought to giving an Emancipation Proclamation until he was persuaded by other politicians that it would be good for his political platform.

        Here’s a question for your friends … Why are there two different birthdays attributed to Lincoln?
        I actually did a term paper on that many years ago in college.

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    O’Bruadair Reply

    Some folks might be interested in learning the facts about how and when the CS battle flag actually came about and what the original designer had to say about its symbolism

    First of all, the CBF never saw the light of day until 11 months AFTER the Southern States started to secede and 7 months AFTER Lincoln very deliberately started the war (BTW he admitted this himself) and ordered the invasion of the South. Whatever you think of the causes of secession the CBF had no connection to it. It didn’t even EXIST when secession came about.

    The CBF in reality is a flag of soldiers who were fighting for their homes and soldiers of all races. Very few if ANY would have said they were fighting in order that rich people could keep their slaves and very few federal soldiers would have said they were fighting to free the slaves.

    As a matter of fact the totally yankee dominated US congress voted overwhelming for the “Corwin amendment” in March of 1861 just before they deliberately provoked the war. This amendment would have prevented the federal government from EVER acting to end slavery.

    That same Congress TRIPLED the South’s taxes. (Lincoln supported and lobbied for both these measures)

    Patent fact is the Yankees were perfectly willing to live with slavery FOREVER is long as the South paid their taxes and allowed them to spend it subsidizing NORTHERN infrastructure and industry.

    Gee, I wonder what the war was really about?

    And what about the symbolism of our beautiful “Southern cross”

    William Porcher Miles, the designer of the Confederate battle flag, first favored a variant of a South Carolina secessionist flag that was very similar to what we know as the CBF but with one major exception. The SC flag featured an “upright” or “Latin” cross (a very obvious Christian symbol)

    Miles showed his design to several friends including some prominent loyal Southern Jews (yes Virginia there were many) . Some of these Jews suggested that the “symbol of one religion not be made the symbol of the nation”

    Upon hearing this, Miles switched to the now familiar design that features the “saltire”. And the CBF that we know and love today was born.

    Mile’s design was first rejected as a national flag by the confederate congress in favor of the “stars and bars” aka first national. When Beauregard in collaboration with Johnston and Miles decided they needed a separate easily distinguished battle flag he simply adopted Miles’s original design. It was Johnston that made the suggestion to make the ANV flag square to save on scarce silk. Latter versions made for other departments (such as the AOT) and after the CS switched to cotton for flags were made rectangular since the scarcity of material was no longer an issue.

    Some today of course consider the saltire a Christian symbol also (aka “St Andrews cross) but Miles explained that he considered it more of an “heraldic symbol than a ecclesiastical one”.

    * Thus the final design of the CBF was an attempt to consider the sensibilities of a minority religion.

    NOW ALL THE PC CAN TAKE THAT AND CHEW On IT FOR A WHILE (tell em be careful, don’t choke)

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      Thank you O’Bruadair for taking the time to teach us all that interesting flag history. I have never heard all that detail. The Battle flag is a great design evident by its popularity. That was never in question.

      However, has decided to stop selling the Battle Flag not because of what it meant then, but because of what it means today. It breaks my heart that violent extremists have disgraced its use. As you said that was not its intention.

      We still sell flags of the Civil War…the Bonnie Blue and the Stars and Bars of the Confederacy.

      Thanks again.

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    Brian McClure Reply

    I decided to do business with you several years ago because you stood up to the rise of historical ignorance and political correctness. Seeing you now embrace the very thing you stood up against is sad. I recommended your company based on your former stance.

    Your current position is the same as if we were to ban the Bible because there exists idiots who use it for hate. Anyone can use something to represent hate.

    You cast down the Confederate Flag yet wrap your business around the US flag… a flag that flew over slave ships… flew over a country that legalized slavery for 89 years… flew over American troops that carried out a policy of genocide against Native Americans… a flag that imprisoned Japanese-Americans in Interment Camps… a flag that flew over a nation that dropped a nuclear firestorm on civilians… a flag that stood for assassinations in third world nations by the CIA during the height of the Cold War… a flag that flew over the atrocities committed in Vietnam… a flag that flew over segregated US troops… I could go on and on.

    I am highly disappointed that another Southerner turns their back on their history. This a terrible and shameful act.

    I will no longer do business with you and no longrecommen your business to others.

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      Brian, thank you for your honesty. I agree. It was a hard decision and not one I came to without much thought. It has been 4 years since the So. Carolina killing and I continue to see violence and extremist on the news waving the Battle flag. I am furious with those people for disgracing that flag and changing its original meaning and intention.

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    The above commentators very eloquently made their points. Better than I could. I’ll just say that I’ve done business with you in the past and recommended you to others; that WILL NOT be the case any longer. I actually bought that very flag from you more than once, and was so glad you seemed to not bow to the snowflakes. . . Alas, maybe if the supporters of our Confederacy and its great Southern heritage had contributed as much as that other group, you’d still be selling our flag.

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      We still sell flags of the Civil War…the Bonnie Blue and the Stars and Bars of the Confederacy. We think we are honoring our ancestors by not allowing their flag of honor to be miss used in hate speech.

      I understand how upsetting it is, I love that flag design.

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      Thank you for your comments. I am not fooling myself. I see the Battle flag being paraded about and waved at anti-Semite rallies and hate speech. That is not what our proud ancestors had in mind. It breaks my heart to see what our flag has been reduced to by the few. But i realize i have no control over those people, but i do have control over what FlagandBanner does. And i have made the tough decision to try and make America the UNITED States. That is the opposite of a snow flake.

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      I’m not a white Southerner, so I view the concept of the Confederacy, rebellion against the US and the “values” idiosyncratic to the Old South a little bit differently. Today my 3rd grader asked what her tshirt of Lincoln saying “I cant hear you over the sound of my freedom” means. I said – “because he kept America together and made it easier for people like us to eventually be free honey”.

      She said “what do you mean? ” I said well he hired two guys named Grant nd Sherman who charged through here and kept Florida and this whole part of America American. “What was it going to be?” I said the CSA not the USA and you’d have been a slave and it wont be your dad’s fathers day tomorrow. It would be fathers day only for the white family that owned you.

      “But I’m white and black though so how would they be able to own me,. Oh they didnt care honey, all you needed was a drop of black blood and you weren’t able to be free like white people.. Plus you’d have had to pledge to a weird orange flag instead of the real. American flag. (I realize the CBF vs CSA flag etc etc etc).

      “Eew dad that sounds crazy and scary – and mean”,

      “Hey yeah it was crazy, and a lot of people still think like that but they all lost the war big time so it’s really different now”

      “Yay!” she said. Probably just as concerned about the orange flag as she was thw whole race thing.

      “Yep yays right” – I said – and the conversation moved on to pizza for dinner.

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    Christopher W. Robertson Reply

    I will never do business with you again. I have been a good customer to you, but never again will I pass through your doors. You dishonor our Confederate Veterans, the ones to whom the Battle Flag belonged. I can do business with people who are not scalawags online. You fool yourself in thinking you do not dishonor Confederate Veterans, none of whom fought for slavery, just as no Yankee raper, pillager or burner fought to end slavery.

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      Christopher, Thank you for your comments. I am not fooling myself. I continue to see the Battle flag being paraded about and waved at anti-Semite rallies and hate speech. That is not what our proud ancestors had in mind. It breaks my heart to see the dishonor that has been brought upon this flag by the few. But i realize i have no control over those people, but i do have control over what FlagandBanner does. And i have made the tough decision to honor our ancestors by standing on principle to keep America the UNITED States.

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    In my studies ive found no one who was willing to fight and die to preserve slavery. It was about defending there homes from northern invaders to them. Slavery was a known evil that was inherited from the previous generation and many supported abolishing it. As far as flags go and selecting bias versions of history to justify selling or no t selling, slavery was supported pre 1861 under American flags including betsy ross s version and the star spangled banner (15 stars). Are you going to stop selling those too?

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      James, agreed. I would not stop selling the Battle flag had it not been adopted as a symbol of hate speech by the few. I thought it would all blow over by now. The So Carolina shooting was 4 years ago. This is not about what the flag WAS it is about what it has become. Unfortunate that such a nice flag design was higjacked by violent unstable persons.

      We still sell flags of the Civil War…the Bonnie Blue and the Stars and Bars of the Confederacy. The Battle flag was not really used that much.

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    We can’t control who, and for what reason good or evil, uses the Confederate Battle Flag. But that is no reason to sully the heritage of our Southern Patriots. That is exactly what you are doing by refusing to sell the CBF. What is the difference between selling the Bonnie Blue Flag, or the Stars and Bars, or the Confederate Second National. I take great offense at you calling yourself a Southern woman, when in actuality you are a sell out. I will buy my CBF, and other flags online and at gun shows, which sell plenty of CBF!!!

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      Homegrown, I believe I honor our ancestors by not allowing hate groups, who are trying to divide us, highjack the Battle Flag. I believe this is what our forefathers would want. Hate was not what the South was fighting for or what they would want to be remembered for. As you said, I still sell the other Civil War flags because they are not having their meaning skewed extremists.

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    Thank you for hearing the voices of marginalized communities and taking a stand against hate speech!

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    I applaud your improved position on this matter. I assume you will probably receive more negative comments than positive because anger provokes response more than contentment does and this decision of yours will anger the many racists and deniers of historic realities as already witnessed in previous remarks. I live locally to your business and have since 2015 decidedly avoided being a customer based on your earlier stance on this issue. As a sailor I have more than the average need for you products since sailing requires an inordinate amount of nautical and international courtesy flags. I will now consider purchasing from you. Thank you again for reevaluating your stance on providing such a repugnant symbol of hatred that truly has nothing to do with any southern heritage that should be honored.

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      Timothy Simpson Reply

      Another virtue signaling, indoctrinated, leftist. Please save us the regurgitated Marxist propaganda. Because you served means nothing. Doesn’t mean you have some moral authority.

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      Jeff, you are well read. Thank you for following our long and tedious progress of restoring Dreamland Ballroom. The historical significance of my building, the time and money I have spent on telling its story, and me wanting it to make the whole building a safe place from the top to the bottom, did play into me rethinking my earlier decision.

      I never dreamed this Battle flag fervor would continue for as long as it has (the south carolina shooting was 4 years ago) and continue to be so widely used as a symbol of hate speech; not what our Southern ancestors intended. When i saw a man flying the Nazi flag and the Confederate flag to warn off his native american neighbors, I made the tough decision. I think our ancestors would be proud of my decision.

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    You did it because of the money, the other stories are thrown in for good measure for your story. I am sad that the first two stories that helped “change your mind” still happen in our nation but, it will probably always be here among us as always. Hope Sailor Sam the counter racist to everyone else that he says is, has the bucks for your high dollar flags; since he’s decided that your no longer a racist.

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      Mark, i am not sure where these high dollars you speak of are going to come from but okay. you can read my comments other posts

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    Over the years i’ve bought several flags and accessories from you. That’s over now. You need to read the true history of the causes of the wat and not bend to the Black racists in Little rock. Yes, there are many.

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      Joe, i realize racism swings both ways. this is not about what the flag meant at its inception. this decision was made because of what it means today. I want to UNITE the United States and this flag has been adopted by the few who want to divide us. That was not its original intention, but it is what has happened. Don’t be mad at me. Be mad at the people who have adopted it and changed its meaning.

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    “Those servicemen may have fought and died for decisions made in error…” Sad that you have bought into the whole Confederate=hate, bigotry,racism lies. Might I suggest you read a little unbiased, unrevised history.

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      Timothy Simpson Reply

      The marginalized people are Southern whites. Minorities in this country have have used the victim card to replace a once great culture with their false narratives. Ignorant, dollar chasing, narcissistic whites have took hook, line and sinker. The word shall be spread, and once you’re out of business, you can donate the whole building to them.

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        Thomas Jane Reply

        I want to commend Flag and Banner for finally coming around to 2019. Even though I think a lot of this decision is to insure their grant for the Dreamland, I none the less support their decision to discontinue selling that flag. White Southern males are doing just fine, as evident by Arkansas’s legislature and most of its leading business people and politicians. Continuing to hold on to a participation trophy for a rebellion based on owning other people is the only thing still holding back Southern white males. I doubt if the roles were reversed, we would see so many white guys throwing a fit. There will be a time soon in America where non-Latino white guys will be an actual minority and I hope they remember all the fuss the put up when they were in the majority, but are still enjoying regulated healthcare and safer domestic policies. Please stop spending your money with companies that have left this flag in the dirt where it belongs, I’ll enjoy seeing your homemade jeans and your moonshine still. If you don’t like America, you can always leave. I’m sure there’s some cold stretch of Russia that will welcome you with open arms.

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      Diana, you are right, I used the word “may” because i know not what was in the hearts of those men. But i do know it was not a flag meant to carried in anti-Semite rallies and carried in killing sprees of innocent people. If you want to hate on someone, hate on the extremists who have adopted and changed the meaning and purpose of the flag.

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    I appreciated you not caving to the leftist trash three years ago. I bought some stuff from you and always shopped you first. Now I will never buy anything from you. Jay Clark.

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      Jay, i am sorry to hear that. This is not pandering to one side or the other. This is a decision i made from my conscious. it has been 4 years since the So Carolina shooting and still you see the Battle flag waved at anti-Semite rallies and used in hate speech. I do not believe it represents the South anymore. the extremists have adopted it and changed it meaning.

      I think our ancestors would be proud of my tough decision and, though small, my contribution and effort to help unite the United States, again.

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    I appreciated you not caving to the leftist trash three years ago. I bought some stuff from you and always shopped you first. Now I will never buy anything from you.

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    Traci Thompson Reply

    I am appalled at this kind of discriminatory behavior. Confederate symbols are a part of our shared American history. This sort of hateful bias is an affront to all Southerners with Confederate heritage, and should be an affront to all Americans. Symbols have many different meanings to many different people; therefore, tolerance and understanding of other people’s views MUST accompany true diversity, and this includes respect for the history, heritage, symbols, and culture of ALL people, including those of Southern Confederates and their descendants. The idea that you would like to create a “safe space” is complete hypocrisy if it is built on the vilification of an entire group of people and the symbols of their history and heritage. Safe for whom? Some animals are more equal than others, obviously. It is also hypocrisy to claim to not dishonor the young men of the South who were willing to fight and die under a flag, and yet vilify & censor the same flag.
    I would urge you to set an example of true freedom, tolerance, and diversity and reconsider this decision. If this discriminatory decision stands, I will certainly never buy anything from this business and will encourage others to do the same. Such bias should have NO place in 2019 America.

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      Traci, let me be clear: We still sell flags of the Civil War…the Bonnie Blue and the Stars and Bars of the Confederacy. The battle flag was rarely used in the Civil War.

      We stopped selling the Battle Flag not because of what it meant then, but because of what it means today. Since the 2015, South Carolina shooting, we continue to see it being waved intolerantly at anti-Semite rallies and hate speeches. And besides that, it is not even made in the America. Its made in China.
      If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at the hate groups who have highjacked it and changed its meaning. I think my southern ancestors would be proud of my decision to try and squelch unrest. it was a tough decision that came over years of contemplation. Though small it is my effort to try and unite the United States again.

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    Wayne Pearce Reply

    Those same extremist groups that are misrepresenting our Confederate battle flag are also flying the US flag.
    Are you also going to stop selling the US flag?

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    Good lord,! I am exhausted from reading all the negative comments from American people who can not understand that the confederate flag has been hijacked by white nationalists and the neo nazi groups . They are the ones who have denigrated the confederate flag with their unabashed hate.. I for one admire you Kerri for taking your stand in what is right for you.. As for the others you certainly have the right to your opinion and the right to fly your flag.. But as Americans I believe we should stand together against the hate that is unfortunately rearing it’s ugly head AGAIN..

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    Kerry, thank you for bearing your decision with grace. You must be exhausted and discouraged by many responses. But please know that many Arkansans will see this story and be heartened by it, even if they don’t speak up. This forum is not a place where they likely would. But perhaps the Dreamland Ballroom can become such a place. Fear is a powerful motivator, and fear of change can motivate us to cling to symbols of the past, even if that past was a harsh and unjust place for many Americans. I have no doubt that that last thing you want to do is discriminate against anyone, but instead to include more people in our community. That work is hard and messy, but strives for a better Arkansas for all of us.

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      Thank you Elle, for the words of encouragement. We are stronger together than divided.

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    You are a very small minded person. Shame on you. Those who do not honor their ancestors will neither be remembered by their decendants.

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    Kerry, this is one of your best posts. Thank you for your decision—I wish some of these other flag stores would make the same one and I know some of their employees wish for this, too—and for some of the great responses you’ve left to these ridiculous ones you’re getting. Many of these people don’t realize that they look like total bigots buying confederate memorabilia, crying and whining about it not being sold and flying the confederate flag nowadays…many realize it but don’t care…and others INTEND to look that way because that’s what they are. That flag has largely been a symbol of hate and white superiority for years and years, even if that wasn’t the original intent—it’s simply obvious now that’s what it is for the majority of people who fly it. Otherwise people in Canada, Denmark and the northeast wouldn’t be ordering it when they have no ties to the South whatsoever.

    Thanks for starting to see the light, and do know that the comments you’re getting here do not reflect how half the nation feels. Unfortunately, they do reflect how another half of the nation feels, though…

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      Thank you Ree, for the message.

      You are correct. Too many people who have nothing to do with Southern heritage are flying the flag. The president of the Sons of The Confederacy came to see me. They are a veterans organization who take care of Civil War graves of both black and white men. Through tears, he said, he spends much of his days sending letters and emails to hate groups asking them to discontinue the use of his flag. The Sons of the Confederacy are the only group who are officially allowed to use the battle flag as grave markers.

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    I’m so proud of this business for making this decision! Just when I write AR off as being a backward state, a business goes and does something like this. It makes me proud to call Little Rock my home. You guys will have my business forever!

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    Thank you for your sensible and sensitive decision to stop selling a symbol of hate. We have enough hate and need to come together as a nation – not drive wedges between us.

    That flag represents the subjugation, torture, and killing of other humans. Imagine what it feels like to know your ancestors suffered being sold and treated like livestock – and then to see this flag that celebrates their suffering? It is like the Nazi flag and has no place in civilized society. Onward and upward to a better future. Together.

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    Marianne Estes Reply

    Courageous decision to stop selling Confederate flags, especially in light of some of the strenuous objections. You are taking a moral stance, one that shows you on the right side of history, the one that says all of us should be doing what we can to avoid supporting the pain inflicted by racism. Good for you.

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      Thank you Marianne, I am just a small fish in a big pond. this is my contribution to try and make us a more perfect union and unite the United States.

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    From this point on I will use, and recommend to others, your services. If the negative comments you’ve received were instead openly and repeatedly directed towards those who have chosen to use this flag to represent hate then your difficult decision might never have needed to be made.

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      True Kevin. We need to stand up against hate speech for the good of our country. We are stronger when we are United.

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    It doesn’t matter why the war happened between the states and it doesn’t matter what the original meaning of the flag was. We are living in the present and we have Americans who want to drag us backwards instead of moving forward, and they’re using these flags to incite hatred and division in our country. Unless you agree with their intentions and hold that same hatred in your heart, you would not only understand this woman’s motives and support it.

    Ignore the ignorance and intolerance and, ultimately, SELF-hatred being spewn at you. In fact, their negative comments actually prove your point. And I guarantee you that most of the negative commenters consider themselves God fearing people too. Sadly, they’re in for a shocking awakening when it’s their time to meet our maker. You’re doing the right thing. And it’s the right thing because you’re coming from a place of love. Who do you really think Jesus would be proud of? You’re doing the right thing. God bless you.

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      Thank you Nancy. Yes, what would Jesus do? is the true question and everyone knows in their heart the answer.

      upward and onward.

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    Kerry, I’ve never purchased a flag or banner from your business… I WILL now! I applaud your stance, and support the reason behind it.
    I wish you and your business well.

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    How can future generations learn from history if there are those among us so naive and politically correct they work to erase all visual evidence of history they don’t agree with? I own confederate flags I bought in your store the same as I own US flags I bought in your store. But since you have become a part of what’s wrong with our country I can’t in good conscience ever shop your store again. God bless America and God bless our history’s symbols, good and bad, that have always worked as a guide to strengthen us as a people as we have moved forward from one generation to another.

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      Dear BJ, thank your for your comment and I agree, history is very important.

      Please reread my blog. I do not want to erase history, I still sell Civil War flags. But i do not believe the current use of the Rebel flag is healthy for our country or even what our ancestors fought for. it is not about what the flag meant then but more about what it means today.

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    Ron Stricklin Reply

    I applaud your bravery in doing this especially in the south. However, in your comments it seems as if you feel that it’s a new phenomenon that white supremacists are using this. You can go back to the civil war when this theme started. When it became the canton of the stainless banner. The white banner was specifically stated by the designer to represent white supremacy. Go forward in time. This flag was rare to see outside of a Civil war battlefield or a museum. It’s modern popularity goes hand in hand with Dixiecrats fighting against civil rights. It has continually been used since by white supremacist grounds. This is not new. for all the people angry, yelling heritage and not hate, do something positive with it then. This empty bickering doesn’t do anything and the hate groups you are denying in you catch phrase are actively using your flag. Start a confederate college fund for disadvantage youth. Start a confederate fund to feed the poor. Come up with your own idea and make a positive association with the flag that doesn’t involve the dukes of hazard.

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    Keith Redmon Reply

    So…they got to you too, huh? Are you ok with selling the US flag? Because it’s been hijacked by racists as well.

  30. Avatar

    As a business person it is your right to cease selling a product. My opinion is that any flag is a mechanism of FREE SPEECH. The flag doesn’t hate, the idiots waving it hate. What is unfortunate is that yet another business has caved to the actions and values of the more vocal “politically correct” movement. The same folks who scream about free speech then impede it through their demands. We are very close to the point that the National Ensign will be the “racist” symbol of the day. What will Flag & Banner do when the Fringe Left targets Old Glory (newsflash they already do). Finally I notice that you sell variations of the Gadsden Flag and the flags of countries that some freshman members of congress have openly labeled, symbols of hate………. now that they have you moving from your values; what’s the next product you eliminate?

  31. Avatar

    History is filled with controversial events that involve many different factions. Whether it’s people of color – African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native Americans (First Nation), or the assortment of heritages of what is casually called “White” – at one time or another – each and every ethnic group has some historic issue with an event. Whether it’s the British purging my ancestors from Acadia, stealing their property and possessions, or my ancestors overwhelming and taking advantage of Native Americans and their property and possessions who are also my immediate family, or the suffering of blacks or the Jewish people with slavery or the holocaust – the list historically goes on and on. As an author of several books on the history of this country and Acadia/New France I recognize that there will always be – and always has been – issues of controversy that may be oppressive to one group yet represent history to another. One thing I dislike is when the act of a single person or persons.causes a negative reaction to the mass such as the never ending shootings and arson events we’ve seen – that that one person’s “statement” represents the full picture and causes the removal of what are truly historic documents or displays of that history. Removal of items that represent historical events – NOT the end results – is putting our heads in the sand – let’s not think about what happened. Statues and items representing slavery, or the confederacy or injustices of the past represent something that needs to be a reminder of our mistakes and promotes the negative feelings and disgust of where some have gone in their pursuit of their type of justice. Is a confederate flag display a “wish” to return to slavery and the past – or is it a symbol of something fought for that proved a bad decision at the cost of many lives on both sides? Let’s consider the historical context when we decide to remove or ban a symbol of something for only the negative context and miss the historical context and importance of that item.

    • Avatar


      I agree . we must not forget the past, lest we repeat it. As i said in my blog, this flag has been adopted by hate groups who live in other states and in other countries and that have nothing to do with our heritage. I believe my decision is based on patriotism. I do not want to see our country torn apart. We are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  32. Avatar

    So .. Let me get this straight.

    You’re no longer going to sell the Confederate Battle Flag because of what you’ve been seeing on the False News Media? A totally biased platform? And also, perhaps, due to possibly turning away potential donations for your ballroom project.

    Of course that is your choice and I respect that. However, it only means everyone will just purchase from another supplier who’s probably importing from China. Especially since they’re not worried about people refusing to donate to a pet project because of something they sell.

    Bottom line then … You’re not in the business to actually sell flags.

    • Avatar

      Veteran, I am in the business of selling flags. And have tried to stay out of the censorship of flags. But I do not believe inciting riots with Nazi flags (that i do not sell) or Rebel flags with hate in their hearts is good for out country. This is a personal decision that I was a long time coming to. Some say too long.

      I believe my decision was a patriotic one. I support all our veterans of all our wars, even if i do not believe in the reason for the war. The families that gave so much were patriots and pawns of politicians and the one percenters. They are our vets and they ALL deserve our remembrance. I am deeply sadden that their good names have been soiled . This is not what the Sons of the Confederacy (a veterans group) wants to be done with their flag .

      Yes the recent partnership with the National Parks Service Civil Rights Grant played into my decision. With their help lots and lots of people are going to be able to visit Dreamland on the 3rd floor. I want everyone to feel comfortable.

  33. Avatar

    I’m sorry, but your reasoning doesn’t make sense and is no different than any attack on history. Someone used the battle flag to promote hate? What about U.S. flags that have been abused or used to promote hate? Remember when the real KKK of the 60s and 70s marched? (Or for that matter historically back to the early 20th century). It wasn’t a C.S.A. flag they welded, it was the U.S. flag. What about any flag used for purposes other than intended?

    I’m a Northerner with a professional degree and have never publicly displayed the Battle Flag nor participated in any hate group. I have no dog in this fight other than historical interest and honesty to that history. By doing this, you succumb to the real hate, the desire of the left to divide us. The Battle Flag doesn’t do that other than when used in contrived pandering to the media. Indeed I’m now motivated to fly “the flag” as an act of defiance against poor reasoning.

    I hate to buy foreign made products, but I won’t buy any flag from any maker or seller which refuses to sell for faux reasons like this. My small purchases, often of Ohio flags, won’t break you, but i guarantee my no one will come flocking to you because of this action to take my place.

    How odd also, that when this issue has blown over, you now bow down.

    Please remove me from all email and mail lists.

    • Avatar

      JD, I agree . The flag is being misused. The president of Sons of the Confederacy is a friend of mine. I feel for him. He does not know how to stop bigots and Nazi sympathizers, who have no connection to the South, to stop using his flag. He is in a quandary.

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