Recycle vs Sustainable

When I was growing up we “recycled”. Today Arkansas’ is practicing “sustainable growth”. Whatever you call it I like it and we are doing our part.

Just this week we had Allied Waste Management drop off a big dumpster for cardboard and paper only. This is something we tried to do years ago but no one was offering a small enough service for our amount of paper. So, we got clever and started shredding our own paper and using it as packing materials instead of styrofoam peanuts, but we still had a lot of cardboard. Today no more worries about filling the landfill or cutting down trees …we’re recycling, I mean “sustainably growing”.

Other ways we recyle:
– we don’t use a lot of paper products in our kitchen, we wash.
– we use our leftover banner material to make “give away” banners.
– we use our excess prints to make tote bags
– and I am sure there is more, I just can’t think of it right now.