I am totally into it…Social Networking

I like the new trends in advertising. No more printing fliers, buying address lists, stuffing envelopes and mailing. Now you can keep your customers abreast of what’s new through electronic transfer of files…facebook, website, twitter and e-mails.

I like social networking for several reasons 1) it is less wasteful of our natural resources, 2) it is easier for the customer to receive info and throw out unwanted info, 3) it is faster to get info to customer, and 4) it is easier to create, so you can offer more promotions.

When I started Arkansas Flag and Banner, in the 70’s, sells were made by going door to door and shaking hands, the 80’s were telemarketing, the 90’s catalogs, and now technology (info on demand). This is my favorite so far.

To get special discounts join’s Facebook page or sign up for our Flag Alerts and receive weekly e-blasts. I don’t know which method to recommend because they are both good, but different. The Facebook page is more personal, it is almost like seeing us in our underwear. And the e-blasts come right to your inbox, very effective time management.