Even the Turkey Couldn’t Hold Us Back!

So with the thanksgiving holidays I expected our Weight Loss Challenge to, well… gain weight! But that was NOT the case. We overcame, against all odds, and defeated phase one of the holiday weight gaining season.

With Thanksgiving behind us we can focus on preparing mentally for the challenge of Christmas!? So, if you’re making Christmas cookies, send them some place else!!!

Here is what the Guru had to say about this weeks weigh in –
Thanksgiving couldn’t keep you guys down! Some fantastic results this week people.

The numbers:

Team Red: dropped 10 pounds for a total of 28 pounds lost from initial weigh in, sitting at 1252 right now.

Team White: Dropped a pound, for a loss of 31 pounds since initial weigh-in, sitting at 1033.

Team Blue: These bad asses are taking no prisoners! Dropped another 9 pounds taking them down to 48 pounds lost since initial weigh-in, sitting at 1092 total right now.

Great job everyone! You proved that the holidays don’t have to be an excuse to gain weight. I’m hopeful that you all had a great Thanksgiving anyway. Some of you were shocked that you actually lost. I contend that once you become keenly aware of what you are eating based on the eating plan I put you on, you make more decisions that you are aware of that limit the amount of fat-gaining calories you would normally consume without realizing it

We are going into the home-stretch to Christmas right now so let’s stay focused on our goals and keep up this momentum. If you can get through this first round and actually drop you will all have a head start on the January resolution crowd. You should all be very proud of yourselves for that accomplishment.

Peace out.