The Battle of the Collective Bulge

Our company wide weight loss challenge looks to be back on track this week.? No big losses by any of the three teams but collectively we had a pretty good “loss” for the week!

Here is The Guru’s message for the week –


Progress! Good job everyone. Some pretty good progress was made this week. Let’s ride this wave of success to the next level.

Kerry, I think it’s time to have the talk… Everyone seems really motivated but they lack the tools they need to succeed. After this talk, everyone will walk away with useful and applicable knowledge… They will OWN it! Like that seen in the matrix when Tank uploads all that data to Neo’s brain… You’ll walk out of the room saying, “I know Kung Fu!”

Another factor that will impact fat loss progress is something we haven’t really addressed yet… Exercise. After talking to a few of you today I have determined that there is enough interest to propose a workout program that can be done in 10-15 minutes right here at F&B without having to even go to a gym using inexpensive resistance training bands as the equipment that will rev up your collective metabolisms. More on that later.

Here are the numbers today:

Some upsets today… White has come from behind for the first time since this contest started to tie it up with team Red. Team Blue dropped behind, but only by 1 pound.

Red: 1255 lb, down 3 pounds this week and down 25 pounds from initial weigh-in.

White: 1039 lb, down 25 pounds from initial weigh-in (a loss of NINE pounds this week!)

Blue: 1247, up 3 pounds this week, down 24 pounds from initial weigh-in.

The total F&B loss is 74 pounds from the initial weigh-in, so you are all 3541 total pounds as of today.

Keep sending me questions. I think you’re all starting to figure this stuff out, so don’t be shy. I want all of you to succeed!

Good job guys!