One Step Forward… Two Steps Back

So the weight loss challenge is picking up steam… just not in the right direction!? I didn’t post anything last week because, well, the numbers did not look good.? This week? Not much better and it isn’t even the holiday season yet!

Two weeks ago we had lost 100 pounds as a group. This week we back-tracked and are only down 65 pounds as a whole.? We’ve gained 35 pounds in two weeks!

Here is J(the fitness Guru)P’s inspiration for the week –


The entire F&B staff gained a total of 18 pounds this week. The adjusted initial weigh-in total was 3615 pounds. Today’s total is 3550 pounds, putting the entire staff at a total of 65 pounds lost.

No more messing around. Let’s not make excuses. Take care of your body because it’s the only one you’ve got! Re-read last weeks email that I just sent this morning and make a promise to yourself to be accountable. Get a little notebook that you can journal your intake. I promise that you’ll see results quickly. It’s easy to think you’re eating okay if you’re not keeping a record of it because there are lots of little snacks that you don’t count. No one gains weight while eating a sub-maintenance calorie diet. If you are gaining then you are simply ingesting more than your body’s energy requirement. The numbers don’t lie!

It’s only going to get harder with the cold weather and holidays on the way. Take charge NOW.? Like Kerry has said, take advantage of my offer to help individuals with stalled progress.

Your friend in fitness,