Company Weight Loss Challenge

So, about a month ago we started a company wide weight loss challenge.? Every week we have a fitness guru (Jean-Paul Francoeur of JP Fitness) come in and weigh all the participating employees.? We are divided into 3 teams – the red, white, and blue teams.? The team that looses the most weight by the end of the year wins the pot!

And what is in the pot you might ask? Well, to begin with it was a nice wad of cash that Arkansas Flag and Banner put in to seed-the-pot.? Each week if you, individually, gain any weight from the previous week you have to put in a dollar.

And I’m proud to announce that to-date we have lost a combined 100 pounds!? But we have a long way to go to reach many of our individual goals.

JP is good about sending us motivational emails after each week’s weigh in… I thought I would start sharing them with you.

Here is last weeks, and NO… I’m not dressed like a hooker!


AFB CREW – Looks like we’re getting back on track. If last week helped let me know. Don’t be shy about emailing me questions either. If you’re okay with everyone else benefiting from my reply just send to “all.” If you prefer to ask questions privately I’ll respect that too. I want to see a major loss this week!

Somehow (I don’t know how) Red team held on to their lead, but only by 3 pounds. Blue is hot on their heels. Red actually gained a pound last week, as did White team. Blue had the most loss this week with a drop of 6 pounds!

The numbers:

Red: 1382 (up one pound from last week and down 34 pounds from initial weigh-in)

White: 1217 (up one pound from last week and down 28 pounds from initial weigh-in)

Blue: 1240 (down six pounds and down 31 pounds from initial weigh-in)

Total amount lost from the entire staff since the weigh-in is back on track at 93 pounds. Congratulations F&B crew!

I want to issue a challenge this week. I think that if every person in this contest were to drop at least one measly pound we would have a 20 pound loss. IF you guys can lose a net of 20 pounds, Kerry has agreed to spring for a nutrition lecture by yours truly. And Kerry will dress up like a prostitute and walk downtown at lunch for an hour and try not to get arrested. (Just kidding on that last part)

Here’s how you can do it. It’s a simple matter of caloric restriction. Follow the guidelines I sent you last week but in addition to that, drop your regular serving size portions in half, and skip all dessert and beer for one week. Just try it for one little ol’ week.

Blue team, you’re only 3 pounds off… Every time you sit down to eat remember that you could pass Red this week and take one for the team! White, get back in the game. No more taking up the rear. Show ’em that you’re still a contender.

I’m out… eat trout,