New Employees

Today I hired my IT guy’s, sister’s, neighbor’s, boyfriend Chris for a new position in the shipping department. Wow, that is a mouth full!

You know owners/managers are always whining about how you can’t find good people to work. doesn’t seem to have that problem. I am not sure why but I am sure of my method for hiring a new employee. First I spread the word among my friends and employees. Then I call a couple of temp agencies.

In the last year I have hired two new great employees from temps and 2 new great employees from friends/employees (well the jury is still out on the 1 guy I hired today but I have a good feeling about him).

Oh yeah! I almost forgot a very important hiring policy made up by employee Becky Gertch (sounds like church). She told me “Don’t hire anybody we wouldn’t want to have a drink with”. That doesn’t mean we have to or that everyone drinks at, it just means we wouldn’t mind, if we had to.

Posted by kerry