Mystery of the Weekend Donuts | Life’s Little Lessons

In’s parking lot stands an 80 ft. flagpole with a 15×25 ft. American flag. The past few Mondays as husband Grady entered the parking lot, he noticed that over the weekends someone was driving circles around our flagpole.

At first it was a curious site, like a crop circle, but as the circular ruts in the lot deepened, the problem of potholes and strewn gravel became a nuisance. As Grady pondered who would so consistently be returning to do “donuts” in our parking lot, a suspect came to mind.

Our top salesman, Kirk, or Captain Kirk as we call him, has a 16-year old son (Wesley) who works every Saturday in our retail store. Grady, having been a teenage boy with a new/used car himself, zeroed in on the probable offender. When Grady voiced his suspicion to Captain Kirk, Kirk replied, “Well I wondered why Wesley kept leaving for work so early. I thought he was be conscientious.” That made me chuckle!

The following Saturday, Grady dropped by work. With a broom in one hand and a large dustpan in the other, he said to Wesley, “Hey Donut (a nickname has been born), how about we go out and clean up the parking lot.”

This is when you realize how little teenagers truly know. Sure, they may able to solve an algebra equation or diagram a sentence, but do they know how to sweep, bag rocks, fill potholes and level a parking lot?

Wesley (aka Donut) does now. See, I told you: “We’re more than a flag store.”