Human Resources

Successful Business Legacy

On my radio show this week, my guest asked me, “Are you the same person you were when you started Flag and Banner?” My answer (that got a lot of relatable tweets and high fives) was, “I change every decade”.

In this decade, I find many of my long-term employees are retiring. Charles Fisher retired a few years back at nearly 80 years of age. He started working for Arkansas Flag and Banner when he was in his 50’s and I was a 32-year-old small business owner. I owe much of my personal, professional and business growth to Charles.

Because he is growing old and was a part of my daily life for decades, and FlagandBanner owes him so much, I occasionally call and check in with him. Last week when I called, I found out he and his wife were sharing a room at Baptist Hospital for two unrelated illnesses.

Charles’ loyalty to his family and yes, his job, is unparalleled. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and his wife didn’t go together, holding hands, in some cosmic love. I mean, have you ever known a husband and wife to share a hospital room?

This weekend I cooked some of my home-made chicken noodle soup and brought it to them for their homecoming. We had a great visit, and though he looked frail and was carrying around a bag of pee, I found him to be just as funny and witty as ever.

This is a part of business ownership you do not think about when you are first starting off, but it is part of a successful business’s story.