Go Team!

I started this blog with the intention of saying, “I am delighted to say, not much happening at FAB this week.” Then I thought better of that. The weather is warming, the sun is shining and people are starting to buy flags. Most businesses have a busy season and for flag dealers it is the 2nd quarter of the year.

This week seems to mark the beginning of that surge. Along with this sales surge, came some unfortunate happenstances too. One of my long-time employees began to suffer from such pain that he was forced off work while doctors poked and prodded him to find the source of his suffering. Yesterday, we found out it was prostate cancer. Though this is bad news and not to be taken lightly, we were kind of relieved because of its positive survival rate. If you must have cancer, this is a pretty good one to have.

In addition, we had another person scheduled off for moving, another out of town and then, yet another called in with the flu. When it rains it pours, my 8-person sales office was reduced to 4.

I was near to saying the week was uneventful until I realized it only felt that way because the 4-person team rallied to the circumstances. There was no martyrdom behavior, no prima donna attitudes and no ‘I’m unappreciated’ pouting. Between the 4 of them, they outsold all the others combined in previous weeks…without a mistake or a complaint. Go Team!

That Friday afternoon, those that wanted to, were treated to a beer at their desk, to kick off the weekend. They deserved it.