Luminous Woman Weekend

You know how you hear about some self-improvement workshop and, at the time, it sounds like a good idea, so you sign up? Then the time arrives to do whatever you signed up for and you don’t want to do it anymore. Well this just happened to me.

Months ago, during a weak moment, I heard about this Luminous Woman weekend retreat by author Dr. Chelsea Wakefield. I know Chelsea, she was a guest on my radio show Up In Your Business, and is an incredible couple’s therapist and a champion of women, so I signed up. I wanted to learn from the best and she is the best.

The weekend approached and I was feeling lazy and a little intimidated by the unknown. It was like awakening from a nice sleep and not wanting to arise, but you make yourself anyway. So, I made myself go and found it to be everything I ever wanted it to be. Isn’t that always the way?

I was not the oldest or the youngest and the age groups seemed to have themes like: the mother, the nurturer, the career woman, the seductress, the retiree, the rebel, the adventurer, the enabler, etc. I listened and learned that there is not one decade in my life I would go back to. Poof, no regrets and no living in the past. That was nice.

Next, I remembered I am funny. I had a whole new fresh audience to try out my antics on. That was fun.

And last, it is okay to be me. In groups like this you feel safe to be yourself and guess what? It’s okay to be whoever you are, no matter who that is. And that, my friends, is LIBERATING. And, on a side note, being yourself will get you to your destiny quicker than you can say Jack Robinson.

Oh, and one last thing. Do you know why humans focus on the bad? Chelsea says it is a primal instinct for survival. If you lived outdoors and heard a rustling in the brush, that would be bad news; a warning to save your life. Our brains are wired to listen for the bad, the off-kilter noise. The good news; rewiring is possible with positive practice.