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From Brave Magazine: The Right Way to Quit Your Job

There really is a right way to quit your job

Kerry McCoy President of Arkansas and publisher of discusses the right way to quit your job.

It’s that time of year when new ideas “spring” into everyone’s head, signaling the rebirth of the planet and oneself. One of those new ideas might be to quit your job. If so, here are some recommendations on the right way to quit your job.

I don’t believe in ever burning bridges, especially when it comes to your work. Everyone’s career is made up of building blocks of acquaintances and accomplishments. Don’t underestimate the power of networking.

Quitting the right way enables you to utilize the relationships you have developed. So let’s get started.

First, you have to own your situation. If you’re unhappy, unfulfilled or unappreciated at your current job, then recognize it. Please don’t torture your coworkers and employer by bemoaning and complaining. That does nothing but hurt morale, and it costs you the respect of those around you. Eventually your attitude will get you fired, and that is not good for anyone. So be in touch with yourself, recognize your dilemma and make a plan of action.

Next, don’t be a victim. Instead, be empowered by your own decisions. Identify what you want, then start working towards it by weighing your options. You can decide if you want to work for yourself, retire, look for another job in the same field or begin an entirely new career. Don’t wait. You must make your own luck.

Recently, an employee quit her job with me in the most professional way I have ever experienced. There are a million people telling you how to fill out a resume and how to interview for a job, but there are few telling you how to quit a job, which is equally important to your career building blocks. I decided to use her as a shining example of the right way to QUIT YOUR JOB.

It was no secret that my former employee was stressed at her position with Arkansas’ She was in sales, which everyone knows is a stressful position.

I call my salespeople my marines, because every time they pick up the phone with a cheery, “Flag and Banner, how may I help you?” they are charging blindly into a conversation that has yet to be determined.

They are on the front line. Anyone who has ever worked with the public knows that 99% of people are awesome, but there is that 1% of unpleasant people with phones and internet access who can ruin your day. Also, flags can be an emotional trigger for some people, so we hear all the stories – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Well, this employee took every phone call to heart and wanted to help everyone at her own emotional expense. Eventually she found another job and gave me her written 2-weeks’ notice along with a verbal thank you for the opportunity to work here.

Her letter of resignation can be seen below this entry. Everyone please take note, as it is perfect.

After she left, she continued to amaze me with her professionalism and career-building forethought. She called and asked both me and her immediate supervisor to write a short letter of recommendation for her portfolio. We happily complied.

A week later, she sent a handwritten thank you card to me with more ego-boosting accolades. Like when a loved one dies, all you can remember are the good times. That is exactly what she accomplished. Ask what kind of job reference I will give her…perfect, that is what.

Kerry McCoy is the owner and president of Arkansas’ and has been in the flag business for more than 40 years. She is also publisher of Brave Magazine

Click on the letter below to see the full size resignation letter. Perhaps it will help you when you decide to to move on and use the right way to quit your job. Click here to see the letter in PDF printable format.

The perfect resignation letter.
The perfect resignation letter.