Brave Magazine

Putting Brave to Bed

We’re putting Brave to bed.

I’m not sure how we manage to pull this off each season (and I use the word WE loosely, because it’s not me), but we do.

Brave is our bi-annual magazine that began 4 years ago with the intent of co-op advertising with local businesses and highlighting some of customers. Many people who buy flags, especially custom flags, are passionate, interesting persons with a back story. They’re usually joiners, brave in some way, proud of what they are doing and want to unite or draw attention to their cause with a flag. They also love to share their pictures with us.

Though the idea of this magazine was mine, the naming, execution and creativity of the magazine belongs to others. It is hard work, time consuming and expensive to publish this 32-page periodical. A good business woman should know if it is producing any revenue for our parent company, but I don’t know. What I do know is that, in spite of the hard work and expense, it is satisfying. It makes us feel good about what we do and what others do.

This edition of Brave has articles about flag customers in Alaska, New York, Alabama, Florida, California, and South Carolina. We always circulate Brave to our Arkansas customers but this edition is going to our customers in those other states as well.

I want to say thanks to our staff, who adds the execution of this publication to their daily duties and to our advertisers, who help make the telling of these brave and interesting stories possible.

If you want to receive your free copy or if you’re interested in putting an ad in the magazine, log on to’s website and click on the tab labeled Magazine to subscribe or advertise. Next edition is Fall/Winter.