Kerry McCoy’s rebuttal to the NAACP on Confederate Flag Controversy


Hello, I am Kerry McCoy

I want to thank the NAACP and Julius for coming out and exercising their First Amendment rights, just like I am. 40 years ago, I started my business on $400 and have lived the American dream. Today I continue to live that dream by selling flags and other patriotic items. Due to this morning’s Supreme Court ruling, I feel sure the gay pride flag will take the forefront in our sales. Such is the flag business.

To say that I am supporting racism is incorrect. I have given back to my community and black history by restoring a 20th century historically significant African American building on 9th Street in Little Rock AR. At my expense, I have co-published a book with UALR (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) about its heritage, and through my efforts a 2 hour AETN documentary is soon to be released. Without me this piece of history would have been torn down 20 years ago.

Like all retailers I know not what is in the hearts of any of my customers when they buy from me. Are they going to burn the American flag or fly it.

Like everyone in America I am deeply disturbed by the South Carolina events. Let us focus on the bigger picture, race relations. Who taught this kid to hate and why did he get a gun.

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  1. Avatar Randy Keen says:

    Hey Kerry,

    You know me, Randy, Kerri Keen’s (Crigger) brother. You go girl, you’ve got grit. Hang in there for our Southern Freedoms, and Heritage. Did you know I work with a video game company building war games? I started with them with the making of Scourge of War, Gettysburg, and our last release, as of this month was Waterloo. And guess what, one of my duties as a designer was building the animated flags, 74 for Waterloo. Check out our website if you want:
    On the forum I’m RebBugler, also did the bugle calls. We’re having the same recent controversy with some of our tablet games since we build Civil War battles. Norb, our head developer, has a brilliant rebuttal to Apple after they yanked some of our games from the Apple Store, you can check it out here:
    It may help with your rational for continuing to sell Confederate memorabilia. Not that your business needs it, sounds like you all are doing great!

    Take Care, hopefully things will calm down soon and the extremist leave you alone. So you can continue to rake in the profits they inadvertently caused. heh heh

    Your long lost friend,

    Randy Keen

  2. Avatar Carol King says:

    Kerry, I fully support your decision to keep selling the Confederate flag. I view it as a part of out history, non-political.
    I don’t believe this flag represents anything other than history.

  3. Avatar Harold Hill says:

    Thank you for takeing a stand on the confederate flag since its history and our heritage to have the right to fly the flag seems the north never admits that the had slaves also.The war was more for rights of the southern states. Thank you again

  4. Avatar Tricia Bleskin says:

    Hey I think what you are doing is great. In fact I plan to order some flags from you on the 1st. I grew up in Chicago but I don’t believe the way people are treating you and your business. I luv the confederate flag as well as our American flag I want to display them both….. Flags do not dictate who we are they represent free choice and America. We as people have the right to do what we want and display in proper manner on our property what we care to display. You are the bomb and I do live here now in Hot Springs Arkansas and have since 2000. Will call on the 1st for my order and thank you and keep up the Great works you do for everyone.


  5. Avatar J.T. Cantrell says:

    I admire the stand you took regarding the Confederate Flag debate. Those who speak against it are entitled to their belief but as you state knuckling under to one group is unthinkable.

    Thanks again.

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