We the sheeple…

I am always amazed at the sheep-like mentality of humans. I first heard the word propaganda when I was about 12. It was being used in conjunction with WWII. I was aghast, and I asked my big sister, how can you get a whole nation of people to commit genocide against each other? The answer: propaganda, a fascinating word and concept. To think, humans are such sheep that we take whatever is told to us at face value without using our own reasoning powers.

One of the keys to my success is my ability to reason. I have learned to keep my emotions in check when making business decisions. That is why I am profoundly confused about all the Confederate flag propaganda. How do the sheep of America think the world news outlets latched onto this Confederate flag issue? Do you think World News Tonight, CNN and others just got together and decide to NOT talk about the gun that killed those churchgoers and to talk about the flag instead? Really? Are Americans so yoked by the news media that they will follow any lipstick-on-a-pig story?

Think America, how did the Confederate flag frenzy get started? Who has the power to feed all the media outlets in one day and have their story heard? Who doesn’t want to talk about the real issue, gun control? Who cares more about protecting their gun sales than healing race relations in America? Please people, learn to think for yourselves. Our country depends on Americans making informed decisions about important issues. The selling of Confederate flags is not an important issue. It is a coup for the media, a hot button, propaganda and a waste of good energy that could be put to making positive change in America.

Stop being sheep; they will walk off a cliff.