Dreamland Construction Update | We Are More Alike Than You May Know

Its hard for people like me (and maybe you too) to let go and live in the moment; to “enjoy the ride.” I’ve done a pretty good job of training myself not to live in the past, to practice forgiveness for myself and others, but thoughts of the future can keep me preoccupied, worried, and impatient.

The Juxtaposition of an Evening with P. Allen Smith and a Night of Dancing Into Dreamland

The end of last week presented two events that were as opposite as evenings can be. One evening offered an intimate and stylish dinner in a designer’s country home. The next night found me hosting a celebration and dance competition gala in downtown Little Rock for a crowd of 200 plus. Thursday night, I made […]

How Kerry McCoy Became an Enterprise

This multimedia empire began with $400 and a young woman brave enough to knock on doors. Orchestrating web, retail, non-profit, written and radio forums, Kerry McCoy Enterprises now umbrellas Flag and Banner, Dreamland Ballroom, Brave Magazine, and Up in Your Business radio talk show. Originally from North Little Rock, Arkansas, Kerry McCoy moved to Dallas […]

Mosaic Templars MLK Challenge at Dreamland Ballroom

MLK Challenge Volunteers paint and clean at Dreamland Ballroom Last week I got a call from my business neighbor, the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, which I call our sister building because we (Taborian Hall and Dreamland Ballroom) are positioned like bookends on either end of Ninth Street, the street once home to Little Rock’s thriving […]