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Miami to Ohio

My mother always said, no matter how old her children got, she wanted to see where they lived. That it made her rest better. And now, that is the way I feel, too.

Luckily, all my chicks moved back to Little Rock after college and now work at FAB, except one. Son Jack is still in school. For the past 4 years, he has been living in Columbus, Ohio, while working on his PhD in horticulture. During this time, he has lived in three different apartments.

After this week, I can say I have seen them all.

Life on the Road

I have been on the road the past two weeks. A year ago, when I first began to fly to Florida for business, I thought, “How can I do this all the time?” Traveling is hard. But I have learned to pack less, to buy better seats, and that your body adjusts.

The first week of April, I worked in Miami with my daughter, Meghan. The second week, my husband joined me and we took a direct flight to Cincinnati for business, which just happens to be two hours away from “The” Ohio State and Jack’s latest residence. In keeping with my mother’s spoken word, we rented a car and drove the two hours down Highway 71 to rest my mind.  

What a Contrast

Driving down the spacious highways of Ohio, I am struck by our country’s diversity of landscape and citizens. The international city of Miami has endless sunshine, palm trees, congestion, and a multitude of languages. The Midwest is cloudy, clean, spatial, and vanilla, by comparison. And neither are like my home state, Arkansas.

I love it all. Thanks, Mom, for more life tips to rest my mind and broaden my knowledge of America.