Older and Wiser, in so many ways

I am one of those women that is proud of my age. For one I think I look good for 51 and two it is like a barometer of intelligence. The bigger the number the more you know.

I recently realized that hiring employees doesn’t have to be a crap shoot. After a year of loss, hiring, training and turnover, my nerves couldn’t take it any more so I began to ask around. How do other companies hire? Newspaper, temporary services, Monster and word of mouth are what I heard mostly but none of these methods qualified the candidates.

Then I learned about the that does online assessments. It is kind of like dating on the Internet. First my company had to fill out a profile of the job, then post my advertisement (I chose the newspaper). Once emails started coming in, I would direct the candidates to an online assessment that took them about 40 minutes. If their profile matched with our business we did a telephone interview and lastly the face to face meeting. So simple why didn’t I think of it earlier.

Match making. It is as old as time.