Lucie Marie Hamilton

Lucie Marie Hamilton’s funeral is today at 2:00

I never new Lucie as David, she applied and was given a job at as Lucille Hamilton. Lucie made no apologizes for the way she was and we did not expect one. I am proud of my employees for being so accepting of all American citizens, and a contributing American citizen she was…she worked, shopped and paid taxes. And like so many young people she was enrolled in college in the Fall.

I can only speak, intelligently, of the job Lucie did for me, which was; she was a good, dependable, and smart employee and she took a leadership role in her department. To address the Voo Doo issue, I know Lucie was very spiritual; she was always giving and asking for prayers, just read her Facebook page. Lucie was also a practicing Catholic who was active in her religious community.

Lucille Marie Hamilton was a good person who lived the American dream of Freedom.