Build A Business With Little Money

How many books have your read that say “to have a good business hire people smarter than yourself “. Well that is great, if you have money. I started my business in 1975 with $400. I couldn’t do that. I worked a part time job for 9 years while I put my profits back into my upstart business. I did everything in my little business, sold, purchased, shipped, invoiced, and advertised. Some parts of the business I did good, some parts not so good. When it came time for me to start hiring help, I had a bit of a hard time letting go. It is hard to see yourself objectively.

Which parts of the business was I good at and which to give away. All I knew was I needed help.

I may not be a lot of things but there are some things I think I do well. And one of these things, if I may say so, is finding out what people’s strengths are and letting them use them for everybody’s benefit. This is not the same as using people, that has a negative connotation. This is letting employees (really anybody) do something they are good at which will increase their chance of being successful and everybody likes the feeling of being good and successful. And good businesses are made up of successful people. So everybody is happy. One big happy family.