Lent is a Mother Cusser

Every year I give up the same thing for Lent: Alcohol. And after this years holiday season, Lent couldn’t come soon enough. I actually look forward to Lent because it’s the only time I can give up drinking without catching a lot of hell from my friends. Mention quitting alcohol to most of them and you might as well be bringing a cross into a vampire den. I tend to have a lot of get-togethers and I think my friends consider my not drinking to be a threat to their social life. But 40 days without alcohol is manageable. If I can do without alcohol for a little over a month, they can do without the raving social butterfly that I tend to be after a couple of cocktails. And quitting alcohol isn’t really that difficult for me because it’s not my worst vice. Cussing is. I say “cussing,” instead of “cursing” because I think of bad language more as a creative way of complaining than actually wishing any ill will on anyone. Anyway, I used to try and give up cussing, but I finally accepted the fact that I can’t stop because I do it unconsciously. But cussing does have it’s benefits: my kids hate it. If you want to raise a kid who doesn’t cuss, just do it all the time. But what do they know anyway… For Lent, they gave up paper towels to save the planet, now they use so many cloth towels that we’re adding 400 F****n’ gallons of deterginated water to the planet for every roll of paper towels we do not use! I think cursing does a lot less damage.