Housework: The Unexpected Gift

In last week’s blog, I spoke of the opportunities that come from working outside the home. This thought prompted me to look critically at myself and some of the jobs I don’t want to do, which are mostly the ones inside the home; the chores that receive little praise and are viewed by few.

As I woefully looked at my pile of clothes that needed either washing or hanging up and admonished myself for my procrastination, I had a new thought. How lucky I am to have those clothes, a washing machine and a large closet in which to hang them.  Then I thought of my mother who, in her last years, could no longer manage her own laundry, and how she longed to be healthy and strong enough to accomplish such a burdensome task. I then had a revelation: not only am I a spoiled American, as I wrote about last week, but also, my independent days may be numbered.

In my mind’s eye, I thanked the universe for the laundry chore. I said the words in my head and suddenly I was energized. In less than an hour, I accomplished the menial task that had been hanging over my head, with a renewed gusto and an attitude of gratitude that I am determined to keep throughout 2019.

Now when I look at a pile of dirty clothes or a bathroom that needs cleaning, I know what to do. Praise the universe for the opportunity to take care of such gifts and remind myself; not everybody has indoor plumbing.