Getting Back to Normal

Oh, it is so nice to be able to shake hands, hold babies, and eat out, again.

Reconnecting to the World

This week, an old friend and former roommate from my twenties came to stay at my house along with her daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. The youngest, Charlotte, is only two months old and the oldest (named CottonGail, one word, because they are 3rd generation cotton farmers), two and a half years old. Our evening was spent around my backyard campfire, which was never lit because it was too hot.

Come morning, we took our coffee on the front porch so we could rock babies and continue our reminiscing about the olden days. I am sure my friend’s daughter-in-law was tired of our stories, but she was a good sport by feigning interest and letting us share our laps with her children. As for Kerri (yes, my friend and I have the same name, only hers is with an “i”) we were in heaven playing with the borrowed babies.

Late in the morning, the visiting troupe loaded up and strapped the youngins in their car’s backseat and headed out for a long drive back to the farm.

Everybody Came to Town That Day

Next, I headed out for a luncheon with another set of old friends that I haven’t seen, or have barely seen, since Covid. Again, we brought up yesteryears, told stories on each other, and laughed like only old friends can.

The trip down memory lane ended with a phone call from work and the normal rush back to the office. But it was nice to feel like the rest of our lives were getting back to normal, too.