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Put Up Your Dukes | Flag Sales Soar, Supply Chains Struggle

My staff has found some fun ways of managing stress at work, with Rock’em Sock’em Robots from Mattel.

Everyone has been affected by the pandemic of 2020. Service industries are stretched, business supply chains are disrupted, and consumers are on long wait lists.

Flag Effect

At we are in the height of our season with flags sales soaring for Memorial Day and continuing to grow all the way up to Independence Day on July 4th.

Like grocery store shelves during the pandemic, our flag shelves are skimpy of product too. The supply chain problems of 2020 continue. Flag manufacturers are working feverishly to fill the high demand for 3×5 ft. US flags. But our customers who fly 20×30 ft. flags or larger are on a long wait list for delivery. Those flags are not expected to be produced until October, at best. Landers Automotive is without a flag! As more car dealerships deplete their flag supply, they too will have naked flagpoles.

But There is a Lot to be Thankful for

I’m thankful America stayed strong and, for the most part, bonded together to fight the pandemic. I am thankful our economy is rebounding so well and there is a high demand for goods. And I am thankful for the “understanding” customers (which is most of them.) And for my staff and their sense of humor at combating stress with the Rock’em Sock’em Robots from Mattel