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I guess the real difference is that most people won’t realize the Stars and Bars-influenced state flag [2003] is, in fact, a takeoff of the Confederate national flag. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.Cap’n Ken’s Homespun Wisdom

I think we should vote for the Roy Barnes flag. I know it’s ugly, but it’s better than having the Georgia flag looking like the Confederate national flag.

Zack Vision

“Oh and the stupid flag. I get to vote on the stupid flag. When Zell Miller was governor he condemned the existing flag that featured the Stars and Bars, but lacked the backbone to remove it. When Roy Barnes replaced Miller as governor he had the guts to pull down the 1956 Georgia flag and replaced it with this.”


…. these uneducated country hicks will make the difference just as they did in electing our current poop-head Governor, all because he promised to bring back the Rebel Flag (as our State flag). Personally, I think it’s too funny that they aren’t even getting it as an option on the upcoming vote.
Nothing to say here

I got to vote on the state flag (again), because apparently here in Georgia we like to put a new one up every couple of years. I voted on the new one, I figure by 2035 we’ll have the old rebel flag again, except it will be drawn with crayon by some 4th grader, and will feature a giant rainbow colored fist in the center.

Stephen Van Dyke

But besides the primary is the big issue on the ballot, the state flag. In my opinion, the new state flag is the best possible choice. It looks much better with the Georgia State Seal and the bars and blue field than the legacy flag that was adopted by the previous administration. Rise above the racists Confederate flag and show the nation that our state cares about its people… all of its people.

The Mighty Yog Blog

I admit that I like the new one. It’s bold, looks historical, contains elements of previous flags, and just generally seems State-worthy. Georgia and, in particlular, Atlanta are famous for continuous re-invention, but I feel that, in this case, sticking with something more reflective of Georgia’s stature as one of the original thirteen states is more appropriate, and to these eyes, the “Sonny” flag looks like it could have flown over the Savannah Courthouse back in the day. This is the flag for which I voted today.


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