Evening with Hillary

If you hear Hillary Clinton talking about a 95 year old woman that told her, “I was born in 1912, when women couldn’t even vote and now I am going to live long enough to see a woman President,” she is talking about my husband’s grandmother, Hazel.
Hilary & Hazel
Last week Hillary Clinton came through Little Rock. My husband, Grady, and I had the privilege of escorting his 95 year old grandmother, Hazel, to Kaki Hockersmith’s Edgehill home to meet Hilary. Hazel, though conservative, has always supported the Clinton’s. Hillary saw Hazel, and as always, was gracious enough to speak to her. After Hilary spoke with Hazel, Hilary found her sound bite of the week. But, it is not just a sound bite; it is a reality check for all of us. Most of us take everything we have for granted, even voting. America is the biggest and the best, but, so was Rome once. Everything changes and we should take our elections very seriously and make sure our votes are being counted honestly.

Hillary spoke on many topics, energy, education, environment, healthcare, but what struck me the most was her concern for the future and who would be the most qualified to lead our country.