Disgruntled Employee and Emerging Child | Have One Thing in Common

I’m getting my roots dyed (I mean colored) at the beauty parlor (I mean saaaaalon) when my hair dresser (I mean styyyylist), who owns the salon, starts telling me about a disgruntled employee that she’s dealing with and asks my advice. As I begin to tell her what I usually do in her situation, she calls her receptionist over, to take written notes of what I am saying.

When I left, I thought, ‘if that conversation helped her, then it might help others.’ So I decided to make it the topic of this week’s blog post until….

Two hours later I get a phone call from son, Jack. While riding his bike to the second day of class at “The” Ohio State, he was struck by a big Jeep, that accidentally turned in front of him. It tossed him onto the hood, windshield and across to the pavement on the other side of the vehicle. Luckily, he didn’t hit his head but he did break his leg. The doctors won’t know the extent of the break until the swelling subsides and an MRI can be taken.

As the day drudged on, his pain increased. Information from the hospital trickled in. We learned he would be in a full leg brace for months. This cumbersome apparatus renders him unable to drive and only able to hobble around on crutches. (The bicycle is toast and he wouldn’t be able to ride it, anyway.) Since he has only lived in Ohio about 4 weeks with no family up there and only a few new acquaintances, I decided that after my Friday radio show was over, I would hop the first plane out of Little Rock to go take care of my 24-year old baby boy. (Who, by the way, hasn’t lived at home since he was 18). This idea, when told to Jack, went over like a led balloon. I made the airplane reservation anyway.

The next day I canceled it. Many of his new co-workers and friends had offered their help, food and transportation. Yes, hands down, I would be the best care giver, but that is not the only consideration. Jack is going to reside in Ohio for the next four years and this malady may be an opportunity to build solid relationships and a community of friends.

So my blog is not about disgruntled employees, but instead about emerging children. Spoiler Alert: they both want to be let go.