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It’s Hard to Let Go and Give Thanks

If This Doesn't Warm Your Heart, it's Broken.

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas gets hectic for us womenfolk and, sometimes, it can be hard to stop, smell the roses, and give thanks. I feel a duty to shop, cook, and clean – as if I held all the keys to everyone’s happiness – all culminating into a 48-hour marathon. Don’t you wish that were true?

If I were omnificent, I would lift-up all the people in my life with pearls of wisdom (my opinions). Like most of us womenfolk, I think I know what’s best for everyone, and would like to tell everyone what to do and have them listen and be obedient. That would be Heaven on Earth.

But wisdom is not transferable, and opinions are no more than that.

Giving Thanks, Thanks to Family

This year my family kicked off the Christmas season with church plays and choral performances. The time has come for the grand kids to pick up the torch of making us proud.

As the whole family and some friends sat in the audience, snuggled shoulder to shoulder, I felt the warmth of the season and realized it is not about me, as I am always apt to think, but about fellowship of family and friends. And about the lessons of respect, responsibility, and reverence we sublimely transfer to the next generation.

As I watched each of my grandchildren’s solo, I saw heaven on earth, smelled the roses, and gave thanks. The video has a rocky start but worth the minute of your life, especially when grandson sings “go to sleep” and the angle behind him yawns. Merry Christmas, everyone.

My grandson, singing in our annual Christmas Pageant.
My granddaughter, in her school’s Christmas concert.

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