Business Opinion

We Are the UNITED States

What I learn about our country while working in the warehouse.

It is that time of year again: when you find me hot, dirty and breaking my nails in our shipping department.

Last year when I helped out, I was surprised at the wide variety of flags we boxed and shipped. I could only guess why: It was a volatile time in our country’s history. It was a tribal time. A time for choosing sides and supporting your team by waving a flag.

This year we are just as busy but gone are the days of packaging Black Lives Matter, Trump 2020, Thin Blue Line, and Pride flags. Today my packages are almost purely patriotic: red-white-and-blue everything (and the new Space Force flag is popular).  

Just writing this blog makes me feel calmer and more hopeful that we are getting back to embodying our country’s name’s sake, The United States.