An Update on Miami

It has been almost three months since FAB expanded to Miami and many of my readers have asked for an update. I am happy to report that the Miami team met their sales goal in both September and October and this November looks to be the same.

Though hitting your sales goal can be a confidence builder and affirming to one’s hard work and business decisions, it is not the whole picture. Profit is what keeps the doors open and keeping up with profit during inflation takes a commitment to tedious data collection and analyzation.

Melding Miami

Because of my recent nose surgery, I haven’t wanted to travel. So, this past week, son Matt took my place in visiting Miami. As Matt prepared to leave, the benefits of sending him, instead of me, became clear.

Unlike me, Matt works in the day-to-day business operations. He knows how to write up quotes and orders, how to use the company dashboard, and how to fill out the Bill of Material for recording important manufacturing information that I will use later to measure profitability.

Turns out, Matt’s skill set and youthful patience proved to be perfect for teaching our new flag family our FAB processes and the importance of following them.

Beating Up Our Financials

For me the follow through comes, when each month I print, review, and compare our financials to previous months and years. Since these papers end up with worn corners, red marks, green marks, and yellow highlighter, my staff and I have come to call it “beating up the financials.”

Now after 3 months of training Miami is coming to understand the importance of data collection, that “what they do matters,” and that their hard work will viewed, measured and managed to ensure our company’s future success.

As Miami likes to endearingly sign off on all their emails…GO TEAM!