The “Reality” of Running a Small Business

My husband says, “don’t put anything personal in my blog.” I know he is right but who wants to read an impersonal blog? Reality t.v. shows aren’t impersonal… If they were, nobody would tune in. If the person or family in the show isn’t a little nuts, then it’s boring.

Well, there is absolutely nothing boring about running a small company. Out of my 25 employees, 95% of them are great and have been with me forever. But there are always a few on the fringe of sanity. For example, since May, two of my employees have been sleeping with the same man. Which is fine, if I don’t hear about it. But I do hear about it, in far too much detail. Another employee had an emotional breakdown and ran out of the building screaming the F… word, then called and wanted her job back. Another employee accidentally falsified her commissions and ended up with $8,000 of Arkansas Flag and Banner’s money in her checking account. And just last week, a sheriff showed up and picked up one of my newest employees for a felony charge in Texas, aggravated assault.

I am sorry, but it is just too good to not talk about. I haven’t written in my blog because all I want to do is spread the gossip. I think I am crazy but these people make me feel sane. I could write my own reality TV show with just the goings on at this place. And I bet it’s the same everywhere. Flag and Banner, after all, doesn’t have a corner on crazy’s. So how do you help these people? All the training and second chances in the world can’t help people who make bad decisions. My kids have the answer… They need to Buy a Clue!