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So Many Questions: Capitol Riots & the Flag Business

How can I not talk about Wednesday’s siege on our Capitol and its possible effect on the flag business?

As I wrote earlier this year, the flag business well-weathered the year of COVID-19. Like many online retailers, our shopping cart sales were strong; so much so that, during the summer months, I helped expedite orders in the shipping department.

What I remember most about that time was how diverse our shipments were. We sold the usual American and State flags, but we also sold Trump, Biden, Black Lives Matter, Mississippi, rainbow, religious, Thin Blue Line, Native American, historical and sports flags. All Americans were representing themselves. I felt proud to live in a country where people felt safe to express themselves openly.

Where has our civility gone?

Somewhere in the pursuit of expressing ourselves we have lost our civility. Yes, you may have the lawful right to speak rudely or act ugly, but that does not make it right in the eyes of what matters most – You.

Inside every one of us is a guiding principle; the knowing of what is right and what is wrong. I once read a thought-provoking online post that posed the question, “If you have ever wondered what you would have done during slavery, The Holocaust, or the Civil Rights Movement, YOU ARE DOING IT NOW.”

Reconciling Our Beliefs and Our Actions with Our Times

There is not a belief, religion or ethos in the world that does not adhere to the principle that “You reap what you sow.” Have we sown a siege on ourselves? After Wednesday’s events, will you choose to turn the other cheek and start a new year with a new tone? Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

How will our patriotism be affected? Will you still fly the American flag proudly? Have you been radicalized?

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