Parade etiquette and product suggestions

autoflagparade.jpgObserve some simple flag etiquette. For example, its not appropriate to drape or wear the American flag. It is designed to fly on a flagpole and isn’t a decoration. Not to worry, you can use Bunting to create the patriotic look you desire.

If you are carrying a flag on foot you will want to ensure you don’t over exert yourself. A Parade belt can turn a potential endurance test into a pleasant experience.

Parade flags are more formal and are often categorized with indoor flags. Notice the yellow fringe around this American Parade flag, and this automobile parade flag. Other formal wear includes parade gloves. Special parade flagpoles might be appropriate depending on the formalness of the parade.

If you are with a large group you might want to consider having low cost handouts. Miniature flags are popular.