Job Fair at Arkansas

When hiring new employees, I usually use “temp to perm” staffing services, that way you have 90 days of trial period before you put them on your payroll. And the nicest thing is, if they are not working out, you tell the staffing service and they do the firing.

With the economy as slow as it is, I thought to hire telemarketers to try and increase sales. “Whew, what a lot of hiring and training,” I thought. Then I decided to hire and train them all at once, like a big classroom. With the job market flooded, I decided to run my own ad in the newspaper and have a job fair. I had a lot of applicants, about twenty. To save time, make the first step in the process easy. Tip 1: Have applicants send their resume’s via email. That weeds out a lot of folks and eliminates the phone calls and drop ins.

I hired four people and they were all black women. We trained in a group and all went well. Never forget the power of training. Tip 2: The reason a lot of employees fail is because they don’t understand what you want. If they are well trained and still don’t understand… thats when you call the temp service and let them do the dirty work.